housing training help!!!!

Posted by hercdrvr
Jan 11, 2008
I have a 16 week old puppy that I have been following what the books have wrote and she is doing great inside her crate she can go up to 3 hours in any given time she is in the crate and at night she can hold it for 7 1/2 hours but when she is out of the crate she can only go 45 min to and 1 hour without peeing in the house. I take her out every hour at least when she is out of the crate. she is out of the crate 3 hours at a time. I do keep her on a strict schudule that i have been following since I brought her home. How do I get her to connect the house with her den? I am working with her I do not let her out of my site. I have her on a leash all the time with me when she is out of her crate. I do have one specific place she goes outside. I praise her all the time when she goes outside. she does not have any problems going outside she will go serveral times. I am starting to get really frustrated with this process because i am not understanding why she is not connecting the house as part of her den. She has had a hand full of accidents since i have had her since 8 1/2 weeks old.

Please respond quickly desperate need of help!!!!:confused:
Posted by Todd
Jan 11, 2008
Hi there and thank you for your email.

Sorry i tried to reply as quickly as possible.
Alright. At the moment she seems to be doing well, remember she is still young and seems to be handling the crate very well. I think she just needs some more reinforcement on what is right, she tolerates the crate very very well so we just need to work on out of crate time.

Taking her outside every hour is the usual way to do things but if she is needing to go more often than that then try and take her out more often, say every half hour. Other times that she will need to go out are when she wakes up, before bed, before and after feeding and play. These are when she will need to go so by having her in the right place when she needs to go she is more likely to suceed.

You will have to buy a quality DOG ODOR neutralizer, which you should be able to find at most good pet stores. Clean your carpets, with the odor neutralizer, in all the known places that you can find where your dog has been .

This will help disguise the scent and you will find it easier to catch your dog preparing to go potty before it has the chance to do so inside. No product can take away the scent 100%, however the weaker the scent is made the better, so buying an odor neutralizer will still be worthwhile.

The next time your dog has an accident inside:

Growl as your dog is doing it. You must reprimand your dog as it is performing the undesirable behavior, because dogs only ever associate your punishment or reward with the very last action they have performed.

Soak up the puddle or pick up the waste with a sheet of newspaper.

Then clean the spot with your odor neutralizer.

Keep the soiled newspaper, place any solid wastes or the soaked paper outside, or wherever you want their bathroom spot to be. This will give your dog a place it can return to that is marked with its own scent and therefore safe to use as a bathroom. (keep in mind that dogs mark their territory and therefore claim their dominance as they eliminate, if another dog has been where you want your dog to go, your dog will only go there if it is of a dominant disposition and wish to challenge the opposing 'dog'.)

Your making great progress so keep up the good work. She is doing great and with some more coaching and encouraging i am sure she will do well. Please let me know how things go. Good luck

Kind regards
Todd Field