is it too cold for pup to go outside?

Posted by sjj278
Jan 4, 2009
I have just got a puppy, a cavalier king charles spaniel and she is 8 weeks old. i live in the north of scotland and it can be quite cold at times. i am trying to train my pup to "go" outside but whenever i take her out she just sits shivers and wimpers and never actually "goes", is it cruel to keep her out until she goes, it has been cold and frosty of late, as i have felt so bad and taken her back indoors where she then goes!! :eek:
Posted by foxi7778
Jan 5, 2009
Hi there, can totally sympathise with the cold in Scotland...I live here too, though maybe not as far north, but I'm on pretty high ground Your pup should be OK in the cold, but if you're feeling really guilty about making her go out in the cold then why not invest in a wee coat for her, or put her lead on and make her walk around the garden with you to find somewhere to go which might keep her a bit warmer if she's on the move... just till she gets used to it. I'd leave her out till she's done something and try not to get her into the idea that if she doesn't pee outside then she can pee inside :eek:
Good luck!!
Posted by character500
Mar 31, 2009
I live in Syracuse,NY and it gets really cold in the winter.My two dogs are good sized so I don't feel too guilty putting them outsise just long enough to go.However,I am a dog sitter and one of the dogs I take care of is a miniature dauchund.She shivers terribly when I put her out and I feel so guilty.I said to myself if I had a small dog I would use pee pads and keep her inside.Maybe you don"t want to do that and I can understand that.It is just how I myself feel about it.