pooping in wrong place

Posted by jsls
Sep 17, 2008
Our lab is nearly 6 months old. She is doing quite well on the toilet trainung and was always going in her designated spot outside, she now however tries to go anywhere but here! Any tips on how to get her to go there again?
Posted by Sparky
Mar 14, 2009
My friend called me the other day and was complaining that her 8 month old puppy started deficating in the house. He was taught to go in a specific area of their yard and has been doing it for about 8 months...until the other day.

I went to visit my friend and she showed me the area that the dog had always used..this dogs issue was that the owner never cleaned up his area. There was poop all over the place. So I told her she needed to remove the feces on a regular basis. After removing it, the dog was let out, sniffed around and relieved himself. Since we cleaned it up she hasn't had any accidents in the house.

If you have kept his area clean, I can't give you advise, this is beyond what I know. But you haven't cleaned up his area, give it a try. If dogs are given certain areas to go and the area is already soiled, they don't really know what to do, so this might be the issue.