potty training for my 2nd puppy - HELP

Posted by uvioletz
May 16, 2008
Currently I have 2 dogs, one of them is the problem male puppy of 5 months old and the other is 1 year 5 months female. (female has been spayed)
Both are Yorkshire Terriers. The older dog gave me no hassle with house training, which made me forget how or what i did it! In fact, I did nothing much, no potty training aids or odour cleanser, just newspapers and it worked like a miracle for the older dog.

Now come the 2nd puppy and i am losing my mind very soon. It has no sights of learning anything. I was told by the pet shop assistants that, the 2nd puppy would follow the older dog, hence potty training part is solved, naturally. It has been with me for almost 1 month and NO, he doesnt learn from the older dog.
Whenever i catch him in 'action', I would quickly carry him and put him on the newspapers and praise/scold him. Instead of sniffing at the papers, he got frightened and sat on the newspapers for hours and soon, fell asleep.
I tried sitting there for 7 hours waiting for him to do his 'stuffs'. No luck!

I also tried putting it in a playpen with newspapers on one side and clean cloth on the other side. Sadly, I saw the disgusting puppy sleeping next/close to his poo the following day. Whenever i confined him, he doesnt seem to mind. He would just sleep, he isnt even crying or begging to be released whenever he sees me.

He has yet another problem. On two occassions, while I was playing fetch in the house with him, I saw him urinating while running after the toy, leaving a track of urine on the floor. He seemed to knows he is in for trouble when he pee/poo. He stopped playing on his own accord, runs off to hide under the bed with his tail inbetween his legs as quickly as he could, before i even speak a word or yell at him.

Both my dogs do not show signs mentioned in the book. Both of them DO NOT do their business after meal or after play, first thing in the morning or before bedtime. Rather, they do it as when it was necessary. Hence, I cant keep track of their toilet time.
I feed them regularly at 6am and 6.30pm daily and bring them out for a run in the field nearby for 20 mins (at 6pm).

I wouldnt want to lock up the puppy all day. I really prefer to let him roam around my little apartment, have lots of play time with the older dog.
But it is frustrating me! Whenever i wake up/ come home, there is bound to be poo/pee somewhere! (the mess belongs to the puppy) He doesnt go to the same spot, he does it where ever he wants. I used a quality scent cleanser to eliminate the smell all the time.

Other than the toilet training problem, he is otherwise a very good dog.

Will you be able to help me in this case?
Please note, i am living in a small studio apartment. No backyard. Hence, puppy can only do it on the newspapers.

Best Regards,
Posted by Todd
Jun 2, 2008
Hi there Jean and thanks for the post.

You are doing a great job and it is great to see such committment. I am also very pleased you have a set pattern as changes can often be the base problem.

Now even though you are in an apartment think about using a a astroturf toilet area (there are even special ones made for apartment dogs) or you can stick with the paper.

Now when you are home i would take him to the paper or turf every hour and wait. If he shows any interest praise him and make sure he knows he is doing well. If though he doesn't wait a bit and then come back to it.

The toileting when he plays is a young dog overexcitement and poor bladder control issue so don't worry about that.

For the next few weeks i think it may be a good idea to confine both dogs to a smallish room with food, toys and a toilet area. Confining will encourage him to use it as he has less distractions and as you said may learn of the older girl.

If you catch him messing don't growl as for him he sounds a little nervy instead take the mess to his toilet spot and leave it there, smell is great to help train them.

As he learns to use the pad then he can have more access to the house but only when he has learned a little. You may want to use a product like DAP to calm his nerves a bit in his toileting area so he may feel more comfortable about doing it.

Let me know how things are going and if this helps if not i will endeavour to help more Keep up the good work