question for Todd regarding my Pom-a-poos

Posted by Peg
Apr 18, 2008
Hi Todd,
I don't know what to do. I have 2 male Pom-a-poos (4 years old). they can go days and weeks without any problems while I am at work, then suddenly, it's surprise time! I came home the other day with several areas where they pooped & one even had to have lifted his leg to pee on the side of the loveseat! I could tell the most poop came from the one, Bear, who had pooped before I left that morning, so I was extremely surprised to see his trail. (He walks as he poops). Since Bear likes to eat Gorde's poop all that was left of his area were stains in a totally different area! They are now confined to an exercise pen in the family room. Why are they so good, then they get so bad? I can't trust to leave them loose in the house & this is not what I want.
Bear will potty on command, not Gorde. I have tried to be the alpha dog. Yes they do sleep on the bed & couch with me & we like this.
Speaking of couch, for some reason they destroyed an old couch tearing the stuffing out of the cushions! They have lots of toys & chews.
I don't know what to do! There seems to be no rhymn or reason as to why they just pick a day to do this! I know Gorde always has to pee where Bear peed, is this a dominate dog thing? HELP!!
Posted by Todd
Apr 23, 2008
Sorry peg for missing your post.

Just have some surgery to do but i will reply tonight when i finish work

Posted by Todd
Apr 24, 2008
Alright managed to escape for a bit.

Toileting can be very frustrating thing to solve.....especially when you are not there. First of all i will go through some basics that i find usually help.

1) Do they have access to an area outside? Often if they can get out when they need to they will stop messing. I find doggie doors brilliant to use for my dogs and they do pick up the idea quickly if they are shown how to use it.

2) Are they both entire? You may find that getting them both desexed may help the problem

3) Are you using a deodouriser after they make a mess. Smell is such a big part of dog's habits so make sure after you clean up there waste (and put it in there toilet area) use a good quality deodouriser like SOX or Odourex.

4) Can you leave them outside when you are away. If you can then it will make the problem go away very quickly.

I think we can try a gradual introduction to the house to make sure the problem is controlled as we go.
Put both dogs in a crate in a warm, quiet room. They should stay in this room at all times including feeding (other than taking them out regularly to toilet). This will limit where they can make a mess in. Make sure if you catch them making a mess to tell them off and take them to their normal toilet spot.

When you arrive home make sure you take them out straight away. And the same idea before you leave.

Once they have survived in this room for a week without messing then they can be let into the next room. Every week they are well behaved they get a new room until they are perfectly trained (thats the plan)

Some other ideas are to feed both dogs where they mess.
I would also suggest using a a product called DAP that can help with problems like these. Set the diffuser up in the room they will be limited to.

Good luck with them and make sure to keep me up with what is going on and if i can help anymore

Posted by Peg
Apr 24, 2008
They are both desexed. I do use a special cleaner for dog problems. Right now I have their pen on the major area they mess on. Many of your ideas I have already been trying. I would not feel comfortable using a doggy door where I live.
I do give them a rawhide to keep them busy while I am at work & put this in the pen with them.
I have not fed them in the pen for a long time so I will try that.
I just don't understand how they can be so good for a time and then-wammy!

Thank you for your ideas.