Posted by Elaine
Jan 24, 2008
I have a 16 weeek old puppy that is generally doing very well.....up until 2 days ago. Crate training was a desaster - she was hurting herself in the crate any time I shut the door so I gave up on that. She did MUCH better and was calmer in a restricted open area. She needs to go out every 1 1/2 to 2 hours and in the middle of the night and she lets me know now by wining at the door.

My problem is that all of a sudden she is agitated around "her" spot outside, she will finally go but she seems very reluctant to do so. Also.....she has started going in the house again even after I have taken her out. I have started taking her out more often but she just seems more and more nervous.

I have been reading all the recent posts on house training, and one hint I got is that maybe some other dog has marked in her spot and she is intimidated?? I live in a wooded area without fencing and cannot keep other animals from marking in our yard.

Any suggestions.

Thanks, Elaine
Posted by Todd
Jan 31, 2008
HI there and thank you for your question.

What you are doing in terms of toilet training is brilliant and everything you are doing is just right.

The reason for the nervousness around the toilet spot may be that another dog has toileted there or maybe something happened to make her nervous.

What i would do is maybe try another spot that she hasn't toileted at. She may be better after this.

I would also like to suggest that you get your puppy checked over by a vet. There are a number of medical problems that can cause issues toileting and these should be ruled out.

Keep up with taking her out. If she doesn't go play a game with her to relax her and try again. When she does go praise her with attention and petting to help reinforce that she did the right thing.

I would also like to suggest you clean up the mess that she makes and then use an odour neutraliser. Smell is a huge part of habit for dogs so you need to cancel this out.
You can use the soiled material at her new toilet spot to help her realise what to do.

Good luck. I hope this helped and please let me know how things go.

Kind regards
Todd Field
Posted by Elaine
Feb 3, 2008
Thanks Todd for getting back to me. It was another dog that comes by to "pick up" my older dog for playtime in the evenings. I have introduced them...he's not thrilled with the puppy but at least she now knows him and of course she thinks he's just great. She is back to using the spot without a problem.

But.......she still has accidents evry once in a while, at 4 1/2 months that's to be expected I guess. It's never over night, it's when I leave for a few hours and she can't get out. (I'm looking into a doggie door).

My question is that I use and odor neutralizer each time I clean up the urine. I have hard wood floors (thank goodness!) and I am assuming that I just cannot get the neutralizor down into joints for the wood, although I try. I am using a brand called "Natures Miracle". It contains, Natures enzimes, alcohol and natural citrus scent. Can you recommend a diferent brand that works better?? It works fine as far as my nose is concerned....but obviously she can still smell it.

Appreciate your advice!


Posted by Todd
Feb 10, 2008
Hi there.

Yes would can be a problem. The brand i have the most success with is SOX, try your pet store or your vets.
Let me know if it improves. If not we can try another approach