Posted by soxie
Feb 16, 2009
Hello, I'm hoping someone out there can help me. My Shih Tzu is 15 months old and absolutely adorable but she relieves herself on my wooden floors every time I leave the room, she never does it in front of me and she goes alot. I heard that you can only correct them if you are there at the time, is this right? I was also told that because she has gone on the wooden floor it is difficult to get rid of the scent because it’s obviously soaked in and she sees it as her toilet now. I don’t know what to do and I think it would be cruel to start putting her in a crate after all this time. What would you suggest? I bring her out first thing in the morning and about 4 times after that, i dont have a garden so i have to bring her out to go. Also I was thinking of getting her neutered but will she lose her personality? She’s really hyper and fun but I hear they calm down after they get this done but is that just the males? Sorry about all the questions but i really appreciate any reply
Thanks a mill
Posted by LetsPlay
Feb 27, 2009
Hi there,
you can buy a special spray that will eliminate all odors. She is probably used to useing that spot now and will take some time and effort to make her change.
The key is to always take her out after she has woken up, after eating and playing. Try to keep a close eye on her and read her signs. As soon as she starts to circle, sniff the floor and is unsettled take her outside.
You could also take her to a vet to make sure there is no medical reason why she has to pee so often.