uncontrolled wetting

Posted by 1whisper
Mar 10, 2008
Hi all, I have just been asked by a friend how she can stop her 2 year old German Shepard from weeing when someone comes into the house and greets her dog.

When the dog is greeted she will sit and just wee.

What can I advise my friend to do about this.

Posted by Blue
Mar 10, 2008
I would suggest to your friend that she takes the dog outside to pee just before expected visitors arrive. If unexpected visitors arrive, have the dog go outside (via another door if need be) to pee prior to greeting the guests.

It sounds like she's likely peeing from excitement and needs further house training work.

Your friend needs to work on strong rewards for her peeing outside, and reprimands (low guttural growl/low no or ahhh) as soon as she is seen in the act of peeing inside the house. Then, she can clean up the mess without any reaction, and take it outside to a place where the dog would normally eliminate (if the dog doesn't have a consistent spot to eliminate, she should start training the dog to do so - mine will now pee/other on command in a certain spot!).

Never reprimand a dog after the fact, best if it is at the time of the incident or within a minute or so afterward as dogs remember according to actions (like if she pees, but is sitting down nicely, and you reprimand her for her peeing, she will think she's getting reprimanded for sitting...). Then clean the spot with an odor neutralizer or she will continue to think it's okay to mark at the door where she greets guests. SOX is recommended as a product, but ask you vet what they think would be best.

Your friend can even give the dog treats as soon as the dog starts to lift her bum from elimination to fully reinforce how wonderful it is to pee OUTSIDE.

You could try reviewing with her the steps of house training a dog - as it applies to both pups as well as adults.

Hope this was useful!