Dane Lover

Posted by Danes3
Mar 8, 2008
Hello Everyone,

My name is Ana & I am a new member as well. I look forward to meeting many of you as I am an animal lover and so is my husband and pretty much my entire family. I have 9 animals in total 3 Great Danes, 1 American Bull Dog, 1 Chinese Crested Hairless, 1 Hot Dog and 3 Asian Leopard Bengal Cats and we are one big happy family. If anyone knows how to teach me the steps on how to post a picture I would appreciate it. If you want to see a picture of Duke just view my profile.

I look forward to hearing from you all.
Posted by Steph-ampWyatt
Mar 12, 2008
Hi Dane3,
Welcome to the site I'm the proud and sometimes frustrated owner a German Shephard named Wyatt with some aggression issues.
Now down to posting pictures, this is the way I did it, I clicked on the paperclip and it opened a window called Manage attachments, then the top under upload file from computer I type in the file where my pictures are,hit browse it opens that file up , the I click on the picture I want then click open ,then hit uploadi, t has to fit the KB's listed in the manage attachments I hope this helps I'm sure there are better ways to do it(and easier) but this is the only way I've learned so far.
Keep posting
Steph& Wyatt
Posted by Danes3
Mar 15, 2008
Thanks so much for the reply and help in downloading pictures. I look forward to hearing from you and all your Wyatts antics. Thanks once again and I will try to post pictures of all my pets.

talk to you soon
Posted by Steph-ampWyatt
Mar 15, 2008
Hi Dane3:
Your welcome, I don't know how much help I was, a lot of my pictures have to many KBs, I need to figure out how to add links like "jilynn9573" did, anyway I would love to see pics of all your critters, as I asked you in a note to "new to site" where do you and your hushand sleep? lol My Wyatt is a handful, He is the most stubborn, unpredictable pooch I've ever had, but....bless his heart I do love him and life is never dull, although he is well behaved when we travel and does very well in hotels, on the boat and in the car for the most part, (let's just say I never worry about locking my car when he's in it) well I think I've rambled enough, look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your "family" I was experimenting ,so here's another picture of Wyatt
good luck and keep posting
Posted by Danes3
Mar 17, 2008
I haven't had the time to try posting any pictures of all my boys but would love to share pictures soon. Wyatt sounds like a wondeful pet and he truly is gorgeous. Sense I have three Danes and 1 American Bull Dog not to mention my little one's my hands are just as full as yours only 6 times over as each one has their own character and are totally different in everyway but I love them all and there is much joy in our household. As for where we sleep, well it used to be a sleeping party each night when all the boys were little and my husband and I thought we had 6 children on our hands which was really difficult becuase they were all puppies and dealing with each one was alot and sense none are the same each one had to go potty at different hours of the night.

It was like having 6 duplets when one would quiet down the other started and my husband and I did not get much sleep to say the least but afterwards we had their own house built in the back yard with A/C now that they are big they stay in their own home at night instead of with us in our bed which makes sleeping much nicer. They love their home because they get to go outside when they choose an do not have to wait for us to let them out and they enjoy being in yard running around at their leisure.

Anywyas, I too talk alot and can go on and on about my pride and joys. I do not know how exactly to post the picutres but I think mine are too large so I invite you to see my boys if you like at my personal work e-mail address at [email]anamaryubcg.bz[/email]. Just e-mail me letting me know it's you and Wyatt and I will gladly send you plenty of pictures for you to enjoy and in return send me some too.

Until next time, take care and we will speak soon.

Posted by Steph-ampWyatt
Mar 19, 2008
hi Dane3,
I'll give that a try, what a great household you must have, are your 2 legged "critters" still home to? now I'm assuming from what you wrote that your "boys" are not spoiled all,lol, lets see, you have the 3 boys, 1 chinese mug, 1 or 2(?) hot dog dogs, and 3 Bengal tiger cats, any partriges in pear trees?lol I looked up the bengal tiger cat, what beautiful animals they are.
Talk cha later
Steph& Wyatt
Posted by Danes3
Mar 20, 2008
Hope you got my pictures on all my pets. Tell me what do you think of my crazy household? Lots to deal with and lots of love at home. I loved Wyatts pic you sent me he is just too cute. Anyways, let me know what thought of my babies. Talk to you soon.
Posted by Steph-ampWyatt
Mar 22, 2008
hi Ana,
I would love to have all those critters!, it's just us, Wyatt and 2 senior citizen kitties, right now, who mostly eat, sleep and well.........you know:eek: All your "kids" are all sooooo gorgeous,well Gizmo maybe "unique",I can see why Di Vinci is your husband pride and joy, and Duke, those eyes, how could such an angelic face do any wrong:rolleyes: not to mention BIG, and less we forget handsome Drake and Diesel (all D's?) and little ziggy ,and there all young, like having a household of teenagers WOW, well, I'm rambling again, I will e-mail you soon with pics so you can put face to name
Thanks for sharing
Steph & WYatt
Posted by Danes3
Mar 23, 2008
Glad you and Waytt enjoyed the picture of all my babies. Duke is a good dog just spoiled and that is my fault so I have to deal with the circumsatnces and turn him into a good boy becuase as you say with that face and eyes how could he be so bad. I love them all and it is just like having the Brandy Bunch at home only with animals instead of humans but I can assure you our life is never dull.

Anyways, send me pictures whenever possible I look forwardto meeting your gang and placing a face with the name. Until next time take care talk to you soon.
Posted by samurai
Apr 25, 2008
My name is Carol and i have a 10 week old yorkie named Samurai ( Sam).We are new to this site and are looking forward to training and learning. I have never owned a toy breed before so his kind is new to me too. For such a little guy he sure has a big heart!
can't wait to talk to ya all.
From Carol and Sam
Posted by Steph-ampWyatt
Apr 26, 2008
Hi Carol
I just wanted to say welcome to the site, I can't help you much W/ toy breeds but I'd love to have you keep us posted on your little Sams adventures , I bet he's adorable , please post a picture of him soon, good luck with your training, the Sit/stay/fetch books have a lot of good advice , It was amazing how many mistakes ( at least I did) you can make
Keep posting and again welcome
Steph & Wyatt
Posted by Danes3
May 15, 2008
Hey Carol,

Glad to meet you and Sam and a very warm welcome. I also am new to this site but I do not visit often enough due to a hectic life but I will try to do so soon. Anyways, I have two small babies too but have not trained them other then potty train so I could not give you any pointers at this time although I wish I could but I do know that there are lots of great people with incredible advice that can and will help you. Blue & Todd are one of the few I can think of off to bat.

Anyways, I am more into large breed dogs with Danes under my belt and trust me that's a hand full but I love all my babies and enjoy spending what little time I can with them. Love to see some pictures of Sam if possible and I would share some of my babies but I have yet to learn hoow to download on this site but if interested please e-mail me at my e-mail address [email]anamaryubcg.bz[/email] and we can share pictures of our babies until then great talking to you good luck and take care.