Dog getting off yard run

Posted by charmed101
Mar 31, 2009
Hi all, not sure where to post this, so will try here. I don't have a complaint about my great little pup, my problem is that she can get off of all the clips that I have used so far that are attached to her yard chain.
Is there any product that I could buy that that will keep her safely in my yard, type of clasp, I mean.
Everytime our neighbours dog comes over, and they are playing,, she manages to get off of her run,,,, and they are then off and gone. I'm very worried that she will get injured because she is not used to traffic.

Thanks for any help
Posted by Annie
Mar 31, 2009
hi there,
not sure if she is biting through rope? but you can buy some great little 'locking' carabiners ( like rock-climbing ones) you need to spin shut the barrel so a dog finds it hard ( not impossible) to undo.
A more extreme method is what the Alaskans do and that is they run a length of hose pipe over the rope or chain, so then it is impossible for the dog to get to her own moorings...hope this makes sense
Posted by charmed101
Mar 31, 2009
Thank you Annie, willing to try anything at this point. The rock climber clamp is a good idea, will give it a try !
Posted by KOPsarah
Apr 20, 2009
Hi charmed 101, I would also recommend trying the spin barrel kind of carabiner. If this doesn't work you could consider a strong but light padlock.