HI! I'm new here!

Posted by Pennys-boy
Dec 27, 2007
I'm 12 and my only puppy, Penny, came and popped up in the yard on April Fools, 07!:cool: She's a black lab mostly, with either a little chow or akita (black spots on tongue). I'm not sure exactly how old she is, but I think around a year. I love her so much! So, I just wanted to introduce myself!
Posted by Todd
Jan 1, 2008
Hi there and welcome. It is great to hear about your dog and how lovely she is. hopefully all goes well and she isn't too naughty

Have fun
Todd Field
Posted by Pennys-boy
Jan 9, 2008
Thanks! Well, she's naughty sometimes but she's sweet and smart and she really tries!