Kara & Janey

Posted by AmyRey
Mar 1, 2008
Here are two pics of our dogs Kara has been with us since she showed up on our doorstep the morning after Halloween about 8 years ago. I call her a Peek-a-chu Pekinese, chihuahua, maybe Tibetan spaniel; Janey we just got from the animal shelter a week ago. She's an Australian Shepherd/GS mix.
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Mar 1, 2008
Hi there!

I am the mom of Holly and Noah, and the foster mom of Licorice!

Max died in June last year at 15 and 4 mos! We had Roxy, a blue heeler mix that died 4 years ago. Max was 12 at that time and he was the only dog for a few months but just like you mentioned on your other posting, he was lonely and slept all the time like an old guy so we adopted Holly (1.5yrs old at that time) from the shelter. Then, adopted Noah 6 mos before Max died. So my main interest was Max when I brought Holly in, and Max and Holly when I adopted Noah. We can not make our existing dogs less happy by bringing a new one.

Attached are pics of Holly, Noah and Ruby (the red heeler foster dog) and Licorice, our current foster dog.

Keep us posted with how Janey and Kara adjust to each other!