Louisiana (Hurricane Katrina) dogs?

Posted by Blue
Jan 11, 2008
Hi there!
I have a dog I adopted from a shelter up here, but she's all the way from Louisiana.
Blue (Louisiana Blues!) is a "second generation" Katrina dog, as in her mother was on the streets after Katrina (whether her mother was owned or not before the hurricane is uncertain) and Blue was whelped after the hurricane, and picked up by rescuers at 4 months of age.
She is a wonderful medium sized dog, only knee height! and has the colouration of a black and white border collie, only she is smooth coated - and so pretty!
I was just wondering if anyone else out there on this forum has also rescued a Katrina dog?
Our only issue with Blue is separation anxiety - welcome to the world of rescued dogs! As well, as she can be a bit of a food thief - especially since this was her first christmas in a home and she discovered the world of bountiful countertops!!
Any other rescue stories out there?
B. and Blue
Posted by debbieG
Jan 12, 2008
I saw a programme about the rescue dogs from Louisiana i think it may have been on the Cesar Milan show too that has been aired here in England.
Well done for adopting a pup there must have been hundreds of dogs that had to fend for themselves. I hope most of them have been reunited with their families? Its heart breaking.

Seperation anxiety can happen in any dog though, not just a rescue dog.
My friends dog suffered really bad and they had him from a pup but they have sorted that problem out now. Im sure with training and perseverance you can too.