New to the site

Posted by debbieG
Jan 12, 2008

Im new here to this site. Looks like i have a lot of reading to do!!!
I am currently studying dog psychology after having a few problems with our dog Kaiser. He is a red and white boxer and he is 13 months old - recently castrated!
Here is a picture of him from this summer and as a puppy

I have noticed there are people from all around the world on this site which is great. I am from Yorkshire in England.

I hope to pick up a lot of useful tips and methods from this forum and cant wait to read all the problems other people may have encountered.
I have much to learn!!!
Chat soon

Posted by Pennys-boy
Jan 21, 2008
Welcome to the forum! Have fun and learn a lot! It's a great place! You're dog is ADORABLE!
I'm 12, nd my puppy is a little black lab girl, named Penny!
Posted by debbieG
Jan 23, 2008
Have you got a pic of her she sounds addorable
I bet you she keeps you busy
Posted by Danes3
Mar 8, 2008
Hi Debbie,

I am a new member as well and look forwrd to meeting many other animals such as myself and hopefully learning somethinhg from everyone. I loved you picture of your boxer he is precious and looks adorable.

My name is Ana and I am from Miami Florida the owner of 6 dogs to be exact from the largest being Great Danes to our smallest a Hot Dog and 3 Asian Leoprd Bengal Cats.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and sharing pictures.

Posted by Steph-ampWyatt
Mar 8, 2008
Hi Debbie G,
I love your puppy , what a doll, welcome to the site,I am the proud parent of Wyatt, look forward to hearing about your progress,

A quick note for Dane3,
Where do you and your husband sleep? What a wonderful, noisey, chaotic house you must have! Welcome to the site! I would love to see pictures.
Keep posting
Steph & Wyatt