Puppy days

Posted by nikki85
Jan 29, 2009
Hey all I just wanted to tell yall that me and my puppy are doing great now, We had a few problems in the begining but we are working them out. He even listend to my 3 year old daughter!!!lol just remember that through all the time that you spend with your puppy/dog dont forget to have fun. Animals are not machines. PLAY PLAY and PLAY. They learn from play as well as training. I know that alot of people have problems with their puppies/dogs but as I have found out, they may not trust you and play is a good way to build that trust (unless they are agressive to you when you play). So just remember that yes training is good but someimes play is better!
Posted by Idan-Kashi
Feb 8, 2009
Indeed. Playing increases the bond with your dog. Sometimes dogs just gotta' freak out, especially puppies. Playing is the best way to take out this energy.