Sad Story

Posted by elmariachino
Jul 22, 2008
My South African friend is living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia since 3 years.
She rescued a male German Shepherd a couple of years ago (he was so abusevely mistreeted).
Since then they became roomates, friends, shadows of each other.... i even say lovers.
For several reasons, my friend decided to leave Jeddah and go back home to Johanesburg and of course take Scoobydoo, that's the dog's name, with her.
We started the proceedures two months ago (South Africa and Saudi Arabia are not the wonderland of animals). I can say that we struggled very hard to do all the paperworks and procedures to secure Scooby's deparutre.
Everything was going "fine" until two days ago, when the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture refused to Stamp a paper form provided by the South African Authorities, who refuses to accept the Saudi Arabian form.
DEAD END, none of the two governmental authorities is willing to consider this issue.
My South African friend does not even want to take the risk to give her dog to somebody who might mistreet him (it's very common in this country).
This morning the 2 friends are being seprated.
Scoobydoo, the 3 years old, male, pedigree, very friendly german shepherd is being put to sleep...
Tomorrow my friend is going back home with a broken heart...
Posted by Annie
Jul 24, 2008
I´m so sorry to read your post. I´ve been thinking of it all day. My heart goes out to you all. What a sad sad loss. How frustrating to be caught up in the 'system'. And I´m so sorry that a new loving home could not be found
I hope your friend finds another dog soon, and has as much fun and love as with the first.
Take care,