Tara & the story of how much I loved this training manual!!

Posted by Elaine
Nov 27, 2008
Exactly a year ago this week, the universe blessed me with yet another throw away pupy. Her sad begining was being dumped out of a car on my gravel road at 2 months old, in the dark and cold a 5 am, scared, with lice and mange. I cannot even imagine how bad her conditions were where she "lived".

Since I had not raised a puppy for nearly 20 years (I have a 15 year old dog and 18 year old cat presently) I felt I needed some "parenting" advice. I also did a REALLY bad job with one of my other dogs long ago and I did not want to repeat MY bad behavior!

I purchased the Sit Stay Fetch program, and I can't tell you how much it helped. The forum was invauable for personalized help as well. It was like a life line when I became frustrated.

I am also very fortunate that Tara is a simply brilliant Border Collie mix. All the comands and rules were learned in the most amazingly fast mannor, her bad behavior corrections worked in very short order, even her whinning stoped after just 2 weeks with (my pillow over my ears every morning so I would not react to it!) She figured out how to open the front door from the outside AND the inside. This is with the door completely shut but not locked!

The best thing is that most recently, within the last 2 months, my 15 year old Dharma, has FINALYY stopped being mad at me for this intruder, and she and Tara are now inseperable.

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!!

P.S. I want to attatch photos does anyone know how to do that? When I click "instert image" it askes for a web address. I just want to copy and past one.
Posted by LetsPlay
Feb 14, 2009
Tara is very lucky that you found her. A big thank you to you for taking on this responsiblility. I hope you two have a wonderful relationship for a very long time.
All the best!