Travel to South Africa

Posted by elmariachino
Apr 12, 2008
Hello there,
My friend, living in Saudi Arabia, has a 3 years old male German Shpherd.
She is planning to travel back to her homeland, South Africa, in July and she wants to take her dog with her.
We were trying so hard to find the procedures, the documents required and all the useful information for such trip... but the concerned parties (kennel club, ambassy, consulate) did not answer or did not have an answer to our questions.
Anybody can help??
Thank you.
Posted by jacqui
Apr 12, 2008
Hi George,

I have looked at a few choices on the internet with regard to your friends problem, and have come up with what looks like an informative site. Try this [url=]Pet Transportation – Dog Shipping, Cat Relocation, Horse Transportation - Pet Relocation[/url]
Then search on location South Africa (there is no information on UAE rules & regulations) then look at Rules and Regulations for South Africa. Hope this will be of some help. Good luck to your friend.
Rgards Jacqui
Posted by elmariachino
Apr 13, 2008
Thank you Jaqui,
This is the first useful piece of information we got since we started our query.