What my dogs do for me.

Posted by jasminasul
Oct 9, 2008
Hi everyone.
My dogs donĀ“t do tricks and neither do they wear funny hats or pants, so some people may say they are useless.You tell me.
When I first came to Costa Rica four years ago I didn`t have a toilet (don`t ask), so I had to go in the woods. One day I was there with my trousers down when I heard somebody walking straight towards me. I knew I wouldn`t have time to hide or do anything and I just wanted to be swallowed by the earth very quickly, when suddenly I see my puppy -he was about three months old at the time- coming out of the undergrowth with his nose to the ground and obviously looking for me. I had left him asleep in the house because it was very hot but when he woke up he was able to pick up my scent and find me up the mountain.

A few months later we were walking with his two sisters whom I had just rescued and they were looking for coaties and anything they could chase, when I heard something like a child crying, and a growl or a man`s voice. I in all my stupidity (this is Costa Rica not Central Park) was going to see if somebody was injured when I looked at my dogs. I was very surprised to see that they were frozen in the spot just looking at the place where the noises were coming from. This was amazing to me because they usually chased everything on two legs, four legs or wheels. I called them but they did not move, so I decided to go back home a bit spooked.
A few days later somebody sighted a "lion" not far from the place where I had been -I think what they call a lion here is more like a puma or something else-, and it seems that lions make those sounds that I had heard.

Posted by KOPsarah
Apr 16, 2009
Sound like you have some very special dogs there