happy happy holidays!

Posted by Annie
Sep 16, 2008

Hi everybody,
just a wee letter to say how proud I am of my dog Joey.
She is now 2 and we have just got back from a caravan-park holiday at the beach.

I could not have wished for a more beautifully behaved dog. She was not allowed on the sand but stayed relaxed and sleeping by the tent. We took her to the dog park and running with the bike through the fields. She did not bark or growl at the thousands of people and other dogs, she was not frustrated at our new living arrangements, and was so sweet natured with all the kids and friendly visitors.

I had had problems in the past, but Joey and I have been working really really hard to sort some things out and it was a most wonderful reward to have such a trouble free and happy dog come with us on holiday.

Thankyou to all the wonderful people on this site for giving me lots of new ideas.

Only we, as the owner, can truely understand the journey that we have come through. Every dog starts in a different place and must have their education tailored to each individual. I know where Joey and I were this time last year, and that makes me incredibly proud of where we are today. I could not ask for a more relaxing and enjoyable time together. I am excited to see where we┬┤ll be this time next year!
take care everybody, keep up the hard / good work,
Annie, Joey and the family
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 19, 2008
Hi Annie,

So glad to hear that you and Joey have worked together to solve the issues. I am so proud of you two! Training dogs while you have small children must have been such a challenge but you did it!!

As you said, there is always a huge reward when you conquer hardship - I bet your relationship with Joey has tremendously improved. Congratulations!!

I am still working on Noah's fear aggression, which got much much better compared to where we were last year and I believe it will be even better next year.

Attached is a photo of our 3 gangs.