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Why do you want a well-behaved cat?

  • Do you have a generally disobedient cat?
  • Are you sick of excessive meowing, howling, whining, etc?
  • Are you sick of dealing with cat aggression issues?
  • Does your cat jump on places he shouldn't go? (counters, sofas, etc)
  • Does your cat go into your trash?
  • Does he bite or scratch people?
  • Do you want to know how to fix virtually any cat behavior problem?
  • How would you like to impress others by training your cat to perform virtually ANY command you can think of?
  • Or, perhaps you just want the best relationship that you can possibly have with your cat...

Whatever your reasons are, I've designed this cutting-edge cat training package so that you'll get immensely satisfying results FAST...

...I've designed Complete Cat Training to be the easiest system on the market today for training your cat and changing its behavior. It's jam-packed with information, including how to solve over 25 real-life cat behavior problems, real-life case studies, the best cat training techniques, an email consultation with the Complete Cat Training team, piles of photos that will boost your learning AND step-by-step instructions... all in one ebook that you can download instantly..

...Complete Cat Training will teach you how to train your cat like a professional cat trainer, so you can have your cat obey you no matter what the situation and solve any specific problems that you may have with your cat - this is truly cutting-edge material!

Thousands of people worldwide, just like you, have used my unique course to fast-track their cat's learning, while having piles of fun in the process.

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Paula Robb

- By Paula Robb

From: Paula Robb
June 1st, 2024

Dear Cat Lover,

You’re probably making critical mistakes in your cat’s obedience training and don’t even know it!

Are you frustrated with the quality of the cat training books on the market? Same old stuff? Difficult to follow? Not enough photos? Got questions that need answering...?

Well keep reading if you’re sick and tired of cat behavior problems like:

  • General disobedience,
  • Over-aggressiveness,
  • Marking territory with urine or droppings,
  • Getting into trash,
  • Jumping up on the counter,
  • Scratching
  • Housetraining
  • Or any other...

And you're ready to finally fix these issues with your cat in the healthiest, quickest, safest manner possible.

That’s why I’ve created this cutting-edge cat training product. You’re about to discover some amazing secrets to saving time and money by learning the best and easiest Cat Obedience Training methods. So stop wasting time using training techniques that just don’t work.

No matter what kind of cat you own this information applies to you, and, in virtually all cases, the results will astound you.

You’re going to save time, money, and aggravation. You’ll learn to avoid the mistakes and disastrous situations that you’ve been vulnerable to. Poor training techniques aren’t just destroying the results you should be getting from your hard spent time training your cat; they are also putting you at high risk of a less than satisfactory relationship with your cat. Not to mention the potential health benefits your cat loses by not being able to communicate with you.

If you want to learn what it really takes to transform your cat’s behavior problems now, using the fastest and healthiest methods that exist - then you have to hear everything I’m going to share with you.

It’s that important!

You’re about to learn comprehensive information on the following:

  • Fixing any cat behavior problem
  • Tips and secrets to use in your everyday cat obedience training
  • Specific commands and tricks to teach your cat
  • The best way to select, buy and raise a new kitten or older cat.

The best part about this information is that anyone can do it and it’s easy!

It doesn't matter whether your cat is an adult or a kitten, in just minutes a day I'll show you how you can transform their behavior. The information and techniques apply to all breeds and all ages of cats. Forget hiring a professional cat trainer. Save hundreds of dollars and learn their most guarded secrets here. Best of all, the information and techniques are easy for anyone to use.

Here’s a Small Sample of What You’ll Learn:

  • Did you know that your cat may not know why you are trying to correct him? Learn how to make him understand. This will remove the frustration and rapidly increase the speed of your cat's learning.
  • Does your cat ever pounce on you aggressively? Perhaps he's not scratching you on purpose, but you need to learn how to communicate that this is unacceptable behavior. I'll teach you how to stop this problem right here.
  • Got a scared cat? Some cats panic every time the smallest change occurs in their routine and run under the nearest bed/sofa. Discover how to teach your cat to calm down and become less nervous in such situations.
  • How to stop territorial aggression. This occurs in a variety of places, such as the litter box, seats on sofa, food bowl, and so on, and can be particularly prevalent between two cats that share the same home. Time to end the frustration right now!
  • What to do when your cat exhibits fear aggression (If your cat is crouched down against the ground, ears flattened, and is growling, moments before attacking, this is probably fear aggression)
  • Is your cat frustrated? Discover how to read into this and find out what is bothering him so that he doesn't take out that frustration on you in an aggressive manner.
  • Does your cat require urgent cat house training? Do you have a cat that has stopped using his litter box? Learn the cat house training techniques you must know that get the fastest results, whether you keep your cat indoors or outdoors.
  • Sick of having your cat race out of doors when you open them? Read my book and you’ll never have to worry about this again.
  • Got a dominant cat? We teach you how to deal with him.
  • The ESSENTIAL nutrients that you MUST feed your cat to ensure that he is kept in the best possible health and will live a long and happy life...
  • Does your cat play over-aggressively? I show you how to stop this. Or, have you ever played with your cat, which is laid out on the floor one moment, purring loudly, enjoying the attention, then he suddenly jackknifes and sinks his claws into your hand? Discover what this is, and how to curb it.
  • Separation anxiety getting you both down? Find out about the best ways to make it go away.

  • How to get your cat to sleep when you do! Cats are by nature nocturnal, but adapt easily to human sleeping patterns when you follow my methods.
  • Hate having your cat jump up on places where you don't want him to? (counters, sofas, etc.) Learn six simple techniques to stop him jumping up on places he shouldn't be ever again!
  • How to stop your cat from chewing and/or sucking on wool. Discover why your cat is doing this AND how to put an end to it.
  • Are you getting annoyed with your cat's constant meowing/whining? Maybe you want your cat to meow to you on command? Apply these advanced techniques so that your cat knows when and where it’s appropriate to meow.

Once you learn all of the above, I promise you, you’ll notice dramatic transformations in your cat’s behavior immediately!

And you’ll also learn:

  • How to stop your cat from scratching and clawing your furniture - make your furniture last YEARS longer by putting a stop to this frustrating problem.
  • What to do and look out for when there is more than one cat in the house! Use my Top Cat Maintenance Program to keep the peace!
  • Having problems with the family cat being harassed by a dog in the house? Learn an easy method to let your cat and dog live in harmony!
  • Tricks to STOP EXCESSIVE HOWLING... make sure you (and the neighbors!) get a good night's sleep!
  • Having trouble with your cat getting into the trash? Find out how to stop this annoying behavior with my sure-fire technique.
  • Frustrated by your cat marking his territory with urine or poo? Urine marking is the most effective way for your cat to mark his territory and send a message to other cats that he has claimed this territory as his. Whilst this activity is fine when performed outdoors, if this activity takes place indoors it can become quite a problem. Fix this cat behavior problem once and for all with my super-effective technique.
  • Cat got grooming problems? Some cats can groom themselves to the point of losing their fur and creating bald patches. Not only is this unsightly, but it is usually a pointer to a deeper underlying problem. Find out what to do here.
  • Has your cat got sickness problems? We teach you all you need to know about many illness concerns, including stomach gas problems, cat vomiting, old-age problems... and what you must know about selecting a vet for your cat!
  • How to train your cat to perform almost any command, step-by-step, including photos of each step involved in learning a command. Commands taught include: Come, sit, beg, sit and stay, jumping up, jumping from one place to another, stand, twirling, stay and remain, down, jump into lap, jump onto shoulder. Impress your friends!
  • Want to impress your friends even more by teaching your cat extra impressive tricks? I show you how to get your cat to perform the following commands step-by-step (including photos of course) - wave, shake, kiss, snuggle, crawl, weave through legs, play dead, speak, ring a bell, open cupboards, climb a ladder, retrieve.
  • Learn powerful techniques to solve ANY cat behavior problem such as failsafe methods for cat house training (toilet training), professional secrets to training an aggressive cat – no matter what the circumstances- jumping up on counters/sofas, fear aggression, fighting with other cats, aggression towards people, chewing wool, urine/poo marking, destroying your stuff, and much, much more is covered in this comprehensive, easy to follow book.

Will These Secrets Really Work For Your Cat?

These training secrets have been proven time and time again to work. So what’s the catch? You have to actually do it! Most people who fail, do so because they never take action.

They don’t have the will-power and desire to train their cats. They give up and roll over like the cat's the boss... rather than take on their cat’s obedience challenges and achieve immediate results with their training.

If you really, truly, want a healthy well trained cat who will LISTEN to you wherever you go... if you want to be respected by other cat owners as someone who takes great care of their cat... then there's no doubt in my mind that this will work for you.

You can't afford to waste another penny on ineffective cat trainers. 99% of all cat trainers use ineffective methods, and will actually INHIBIT your cat's ability to learn new things in future.

You can't afford to be following a cat obedience training plan that isn't getting results immediately!

Forget The HYPE...

Going from "untrained, overaggressive" to "tame, fully obedient" isn’t as easy as all these so called "experts" claim it to be.

I bet you’ve tried all sorts of things to obedience train your cat.... and now you’re reading this because all your hard work, time and money has done you no good.

But you’re still stuck with the same old disobedient cat.

Most cat obedience training courses are based on theories "so and so" said, and many of them rely on punishing your cat whenever he doesn’t listen.

They never reveal proven strategies that show exactly how to make your cat UNDERSTAND what you are communicating to him, without forcing you to pull your hair out!

They don’t discuss the most vital part of getting your cat to learn new things, which is making sure he understands what you are trying to get him to do!

You don’t need some "scientifically calculated" cat training program based on hours of repetition that’s impossible to follow and just doesn’t work. For example, anyone who tells you that if you rub your cat’s nose in his own urine to house train your cat doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Just because you rub a cat’s nose in urine doesn’t mean your cat will understand why you are doing that, or learn not to urinate inside! In fact, punishing your cat in such a way without him understanding why, will frustrate him and will stunt his learning, making it impossible to get him trained!

Cat ToiletDid you know...

...cats are very shy toileters? If you have just one litter box for your cat, and it is kept in a very commonly used area, he is likely to not want to use it and to toilet on your carpet somewhere else in the house instead!

Cats in general are very shy toileters and will often only pee or poop in their litter box if it is placed in a quiet, secluded area, away from family members and other animals. The importance of your cat toileting regularly cannot be over-emphasized. Too often owners do not provide their cats with private & clean litter boxes, an unlimited supply of water or access to the outdoors. Such a lifestyle quickly leads to urinary tract disease which is very common in cats and often very debilitating. In this disease, large crystals form in your cat’s bladder, which can then flow through your cat’s urethra (the tube linking the bladder to the outside world) and they often become lodged and stuck! This obstruction of pee then causes a cat to become very ill and very sore, at which time veterinary intervention is the only option.

The key to preventing this problem is to encourage your cat to drink more and to pee more! This helps prevent the formation of the crystals in the bladder in the first place! Ensure that you have a couple of full water bowls for your cat around the house as well as outside. Your cat should have an unlimited supply of water. As for toileting, you will need to encourage your cat to pee by ensuring privacy and security when he does so. In general, there should be more than one litter box in your household. In fact, the generally accepted formula for the best number of litter boxes for your household is, one per cat you own, plus one. So, if you have 2 cats, you should have 3 litter boxes around the house, while if you only have one cat, have 2 litter boxes – and so on. Just as important is that you use a good absorbable litter that your cat likes and that you regularly replace this litter once every 2 – 3 days (rather than once a week!). The cleaner the litter, the more your cat will want to toilet on it. Then when placing the litter boxes around the house, it is important to ensure that they are in a secluded area away from a busy area of the house – however make sure you don’t leave a litter tray in a corner, or anywhere where your cat may feel trapped while he is trying to toilet.

The key to avoiding your cat developing urinary tract problems and toileting in inappropriate places, is to make the toileting experience as stress free for your cat as possible. By providing unlimited water, allowing some outdoors access and maintaining clean litter boxes in private areas of your house you will be providing your cat with this stress-free environment.

Now, you don’t need some 12–week cat obedience training plan where you do almost the same thing each week. It's just not an effective way of training your cat. He switches out of learning mode due to him not being used to learning new things!

What you need is every last nitty-gritty detail and insider secret explaining exactly what it takes to get your cat listening to you in the shortest possible time.

Look, if you:

  • Want your cat to behave the way you want him to AND understand what's acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
  • Are experiencing ANY cat behavior problem that needs immediate addressing.
  • Have spent lots of time and money on professional cat trainers but have had limited results.
  • Are frustrated about how much hard painstaking work you’ve put into your cat obedience training for nothing.
  • Are absolutely outraged by how worthless all the cat obedience training videos, books and professionals you’ve wasted your money on are!

If this is you then.....

Here’s What It Really Takes to TRANSFORM your Cat’s Behavior Problems – And Get IMMEDIATE Results

I Know What Works For Even the Most DIFFICULT to Train Cats Because I’ve Come Across Thousands of Cats in My Time as a Cat Trainer And I’ve Seen First Hand What Works!

If Your Friends Don’t Accuse You Of Hiring a Professional Cat Trainer After You Use Complete Cat Training For Up To 8 Weeks, Then I’ll Refund Every Penny

Look, what do you have to lose? If you aren’t 100% "in love" with this information I don’t want you to pay a penny. To put all the risk on my shoulders, I’m offering an Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee!

Great News!

This book is available via instant download! You can be reading this book and be well on your way to cat obedience training or fixing your cat’s behavior problems in 5 minutes! Even if you have never downloaded anything from the internet before- it comes with instructions, it’s so easy!

  • Zero shipping costs
  • No waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for postal delivery
  • No risk of products lost in the mail or damaged
  • You receive the book at a lower price because it costs us less to produce

Best of All!

Here’s the best news of all: you made it here just in time to take advantage of an fantastic special offer.

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Now, you could learn all of this on long brutal path of trial and error, and you may eventually achieve success. But there is a better way.

With Complete Cat Training: Cat Training To Stop Your Cat's Behavior Problems you’ll know in a few minutes all about cat obedience training and you'll have your cat obey you instantly, every time. And with my instant money-back guarantee, there is literally NO RISK for you.

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I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about your success with your cat and what your friends are saying about you. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I’d love to hear your success story!

Your No-Risk 60 Day Instant Money-Back Guarantee

Money Back

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Try the techniques yourself… Try as many of the tips as you can. Once you have used these strategies on your cat, I’m confident that you’ll NEVER want to send it back!

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Paula Robb

Paula Robb
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