The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package

Do you want to train your dog to be the best behaved slipper-fetching, running, jumping, wonder dog ever...?

And do you want him going to the toilet in the right place,
at the right time...?

And do you want to learn all you can about caring for
your new best friend...?

Then we’ve got just what you need!

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package from the Kingdom of Pets team is everything you’ll ever need to help you look after the health needs of your dog, get him house trained quickly and easily, and make sure he’s behaving exactly the way you want him to all the time.

This comprehensive package is chock full of cutting edge advice and direction from our top vets and animal behaviorists.

And you can get it all today for one great low price!

Unfortunately too many people have a rush of blood to the head and buy a puppy without being fully prepared. Now, I’m not talking about having a blanket and a bowl and some toys, although those things are important.

What I’m talking about is having all the skills and strategies in place to deal with all the challenges dog ownership has in store for you.

There are 3 key areas that you need to focus on when you own a pet:

  1. Obedience Training, to make sure your dog listens and has good manners

  2. House Training, to get your dog into good habits

  3. General Health, including diet and exercise.

If you can cover these three areas effectively then you’re in for years of pleasure from your new best friend.

That’s why the creators of Secrets to Dog Training have put together this amazing package.

So what do you get?

This fantastic package includes the three most valuable dog care and training guides you’ll ever own, and a whole lot more besides:

  • Secrets to Dog Training: Stop your Dog’s behavior Problems!
  • The Ultimate House Training Guide
  • The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health
  • Online video behavior training
  • Bonus Health and Training eBooks

And the security that knowledge brings

1. Secrets to Dog Training: Stop you dog’s behavior problems!

To turn your dog into the best behaved dog you’ve ever met you need the internet’s #1 selling dog training book, Secrets to Dog Training: Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems.

If you want your dog to be well behaved around people and other dogs, and have them obey all of your house rules, even when you’re not around, then this is just what you’ve been waiting for.

With Secrets to Dog Training, you can finally find all the advice and support you’ve been looking for. And you can finally get the well behaved, rolling-over, playing-dead, slipper-fetching best pal you’ve always wanted.

The Secrets to Dog Training eBook contains 256 pages full of everything you ever wanted to know about dog obedience training, but could never find the answer to.

With this fantastic resource you’ll soon be an expert on solving:

  • Aggression

  • Digging

  • Barking

  • Whining

  • Jumping

  • Chewing

  • Bolting out the front door

  • Separation anxiety

  • Coprophagia (that’s eating their own or other dog’s poop… yuck!)

  • Housetraining

  • And much, much more!

You’ll discover how to train your dog to learn almost any command...

  • Come & Leave...

  • Stay & Down...

  • Heel & Seek...

  • Stand & Beg...

  • Fetch & Catch...

  • Climb ladders...

  • Shake hands...

  • Crawl & Jump...

Plus, in The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package, not only do you get the Secret’s To Dog Training eBook, worth $67: you also get the audio book, worth another $67! That’s a fully downloadable audio version of the eBook so that you can listen to it anywhere you like; wherever you want to give your learning a boost.

That’s $134 worth of obedience training right there...

But that’s not what you’ll pay today!

2. The Ultimate House Training Guide

Ok, so your dog’s general behavior is sorted, now what about House Training?

Have you had enough of picking up piles and soaking up stains? Of keeping constant watch over an unpredictable pup? Of returning home to that awful smell?

Well, your carpet cleaning and odor killing days are numbered.

The Ultimate House Training Guide is your ultimate resource for ensuring your house training experience is positive and problem-free, from day one.

You’ll learn:

  • How to put an end to your puppy or adult dog’s indoor accidents, and how to better communicate with your dog in the process.
  • Why the most common reaction to accidents is also the least correct.
  • Why the greatest risk is often not a matter of whether or not your puppy will learn, but rather how much confusion and stress your training methods may cause.
  • Why “confinement” doesn’t mean the same thing to you as it does to your dog.
  • How even positive reinforcement (the way you pet your dog) can be physically intimidating if not done properly.
  • Which products may help you in the house training process, and which may be a waste of your money

This essential dog training resource is usually valued at $37 for our regular customers.

That brings the total value of The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package up to $171...

But I have a much better deal for you today!

3. The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health

At one time or another, whether you're a new dog owner or a well weathered one, you've probably had to deal with an ill or injured dog without the knowledge and confidence necessary to provide the right care, right away.

From the frustration of not spotting a symptom sooner, to the fear of not knowing how to respond to a pet emergency, you've probably grappled with this most stressful part of dog ownership.

Or perhaps you just want to learn more about the best friend you could have on four legs - but you want a source that doesn't read like a canine physiology textbook?

Whatever the case may be, we've got your answer...

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health contains everything you’ll ever need to make sure your precious pooch stays fit and well.

It covers stuff like:

  • How to deal with common stomach problems that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or simply put your dog off eating - find out why you don't need to panic if there's blood in your dog's feces, but you DO need to act! (pages 55-64, 140-59)
  • How to stay on top of worming issues, and what to do when worming pills seem to cause more harm than good... (pages 45, 60-61, 146-47)
  • When a cough is just a cough and when it's cause for concern. (pages 50-54, 64, 162-64)
  • How can spaying or neutering your dog solve a host of other problems (in addition to the obvious one)? (pages 87-92)
  • What's the best way to care for a dog with liver trouble or diabetes?? (pages 215-16)
  • When is the best time to have my dog fixed, and why might it be different for male and female dogs? (pages 89 & 91)
  • And much much more

Plus, it includes:

  • Comprehensive symptom charts relating to all of the canine body systems, which will empower you to make confident decisions about your dog's health requirements. Each chart moves from specific symptoms to a recommended path of treatment, and advises if, when, and how urgently you should seek veterinary attention. When it comes to dog health care products, these charts are an absolute gem!

  • Fully-illustrated, step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process of safely giving medications to your dog - whether it's for the eyes, ears, or mouth, by pill or by paste, you'll rediscover confidence and cooperation when "medicine time" rolls around.

  • A detailed reference to more infectious canine diseases that you can shake a syringe at - and clear recommendations for a failsafe program of vaccination.

  • Detailed care advice written in plain English, on how to deal with everything from allergies to canine cancer.

  • A full catalog of all of the common parasites that can affect your dog - internally and externally - complete with color diagrams that will help you identify these tiny enemies if they make your dog their home.

We usually value this fantastic resource at $49.95, which bring the total value of this amazing package up to $220.95.

But that’s a long way from the price I have for you today!

4. Online video training

Now, it’s one thing to read and hear about how to train your dog; it’s another thing to actually see training in action!

That’s why, in The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package, we include a whole bunch of great online video tutorials.

First of all there are the In Field Training videos.

These fantastic online videos give you real insight into exactly how to go about your dog training. Covering:

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Dog bowl aggression
  • Aggression toward children

Not only do you get specific information about how to resolve these 3 common behavioral issues, you also get to see exactly how the professionals go about their training. You’ll get great insight into body language, voice control, proximity, and more…

This professional video training resource is valued on our site at $97!

Then there are the Premium Online Videos…

Usually when people purchase any one of our dog training or health guides, we offer them the opportunity to upgrade by adding the Premium Online Videos. But today I’m going to include these advanced online videos as an integral part of The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

Video 1) How to Stop Dog Aggression [Part I]

Put an end to your dog's aggression towards strangers or family members, address fear aggression, and territorial aggression. Ensure that your dog never becomes a threat by following these simple steps.

Video 2) How to Stop Dog Aggression [Part II]

Does your dog play too aggressively? Is he possessive of toys, food, or people? Does he fight with other dogs? These online videos will take the aggression out of the equation.

Video 3) How to Stop Your Dog from Barking

We teach you what different types of bark mean, and show you how to communicate to your dog so that he knows when and where it is appropriate to bark.

Video 4) How to Stop Your Dog's Biting & Chewing Problems

Our professional dog trainer shows you amazingly simple but hugely effective techniques that will get these behaviors under control.

Video 5) Alpha Dog Training

Find out how pack instincts are shaping your dog's actions, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Usually valued at $59.95, the Premium Online Videos brings the value of the video component of The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package up to $156.95!

And the total value of all the components so far to a whopping $377.90...

But you’ll be getting it all for one low low price!

And I’m not finished yet

5. Even more dog health and training value!

As well as the core training guides, and the fantastic video training, The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package comes with eight bonus dog training and health guides. These eBooks contain information on a huge range of common dog health and behavior issues from first aid to grooming to diet...

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Dog First Aid worth $24.95
  • Meals for your Dog: 175 Gourmet Recipes worth $19.95
  • 101 Ways to Spoil your Dog for Under $10 worth $19.95
  • Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog worth $19.95
  • The Quick Guide to Dog Aggression worth $29.95
  • Dog Grooming Made Easy worth $19.95
  • Tips on How to Security Train your Dog worth $19.95
  • Top 20 Consultations worth $19.95

That’s another $174.60 worth of invaluable health care and training information!

So all together The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package brings you a grand total of…

$552.50 worth of Dog Training and Health resources for just $99.95!

6. Customer Reviews

We’re constantly getting great feedback about our dog care resources. Here’s what just a few of our happy dog owners have to say about us:

I had to smile when Kirsty Halleran, from the UK wrote in and told us...

"The Secrets to Dog Training books have been a tremendous help to me in gaining more control over my two dogs Neo & Molly. Both dogs are very loving and loyal but I've had to get a dog behaviorist out in the past as Molly's a rescue dog, has a nervous disposition. I think she was abused before I got her as she is extremely scared of children and doesn't particularly like strangers and other dogs...

...I really wish I'd heard/got the Secrets to Dog Training books years ago, in my opinion no dog owner should be without a copy. They're brilliant, very easy to understand/follow and they results are amazing!"

Wayne from the USA was ecstatic when he found out about Secret’s to Dog Training and wrote in to tell us:

"Secrets to Dog Training is great!...

...We have a crossed breed Poodle/Terrier and training him is extremely important to us since we live in high rise apartment. Sumo, our pup, is doing great! At only 5 months old he sits, lies down, heels, stays, and even comes most of the time. Secrets to Dog Training continues to provide support through email which we feel is a priceless resource."

And here’s a good one from Lyn Spain in Queensland, Australia:

"I purchased Secrets to Dog Training after I acquired a second puppy that was seven weeks old. My first puppy, a male then 14 months old, was a little bit aggressive with her...

...Now my puppies eat, sunbake and play together very happily. I would recommend it to anyone who cares about their animals."

Thanks guys, that’s some high praise!

So, let's recap exactly what you’ll get in The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package...

The Secret’s To Dog Training eBook worth $67
The Secret’s To Dog Training audio book worth $67
The Ultimate House Training Guide worth $37
The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health worth $49.95
The In-field Training Video Program worth $97
The Premium Online Videos worth $59.95
The Ultimate Guide to Dog First Aid worth $24.95
Meals for your Dog: 175 Gourmet Recipes worth $19.95
101 Ways to Spoil your Dog for Under $10 worth $19.95
Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog worth $19.95
The Quick Guide to Dog Aggression worth $29.95
Dog Grooming Made Easy worth $19.95
Tips on How to Security Train your Dog worth $19.95
Top 20 Consultations worth $19.95
That’s a total package worth $552.50!

And you can get it today for just

7. Our Guarantee

Now, I’m about to make this decision even easier for you with the Kingdom of Pets 100% money back Triple Guarantee!.

100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Kingdom of Pets 100%, 60 day, triple guarantee is our promise to you that...

  • If these products don’t work for you...

  • If your relationship with your dog doesn’t improve...

  • If your dog isn’t happier, healthier, and better behaved...

  • Even if you don’t like the fonts and images we use...

We’ll happily refund every penny...

No questions asked!

So that’s everything you need for a long life full of fun and contentment for you and your dog all for just $99.95! That’s 82% off the regular price of all these amazing products combined!

Wow! That’s a whole lot of fantastic dog care information, just waiting for you and your dog...

Yes! I love my dog and want to care for him properly and train him to become the well behaved family member that I'd always dreamed he'd be.

I want to order The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package INSTANT DOWNLOAD and gain immediate access to the Members Area right now!

Order The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package INSTANT DOWNLOAD for just $572.70 $99.95

Secrets to Dog Training:
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Rocket Languages 60 day money back guarantee Security Guaranteed - Shopping with us is safe BIB

Please note: Once you have ordered you do not have to download everything straight away. You will be given a password to re-enter the Members Area at any time.

Never be responsible for training or caring for your dog the wrong way again. The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package, is your key to lifelong fun, peace, health, and happiness for you and your dog.

Yours sincerely,


Daniel Stevens
Author of Secrets to Dog Training: Stop Your Dog's Behavior Problems!

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