Golden Retriever Dog Breed

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Golden Retriever Dog Breed

The Golden Retriever is a sturdy and muscular dog, with an intelligent face and brown eyes. Its coat varies from a creamy color to deep-golden, with a water-repellent exterior and a dense undercoat. The coat may be flat or wavy and has a feathered effect. It is soft, pendant ears and a fairly wide muzzle, and its tail is long and straight. The fully-grown Golden Retriever is quite large, and both puppies and older dogs are handsome and well proportioned.


Intelligence and gentility are two of the many desirable traits in the temperament of a Golden Retriever. These dogs are also alert, responsive, patient and loyal. Their temperament makes them a treat to train, and they make excellent family pets. The Golden Retriever is not an aggressive dog, although it will be vocal if it senses danger approaching. This breed is known for its obedience and eagerness, again making them ideal for training and for family pets. They love the company of others, and are very loving and loyal dogs. This breed enjoys play and activity, and needs plenty of attention from its owners and family. The Golden Retriever generally gets on very well with children and other pets.

Height and Weight

The average male Golden Retriever will reach around 22-24 inches in height and approximately 60-80 pounds in weight. The average female Golden Retriever will reach around 20-22 inches in height and approximately 55-70 pounds in weight.

Common Health and Behavioral Problems

The Golden Retriever is at risk from several common health problems. Hip Dysplasia is a condition that can affect a variety of larger dog breeds, and can result in reduced mobility, swelling and arthritis. The Golden Retriever is also prone to hereditary cataracts, epilepsy and skin allergies.

Ideal Living Conditions

The Golden Retriever is an active breed and therefore needs garden space to play and exercise. The ideal environment for this dog is a family home with plenty of company and plenty of space. This can be in rural or urban areas, providing there is a safe yard or garden, and the dog is not enclosed in the house or in an apartment.

Exercise Requirements

As it is an active and energetic dog, the Golden Retriever needs plenty of exercise. This dog will love to play and run around the garden, so it is essential that you ensure that it is fenced off for safety. You will also need to take your Golden Retriever for plenty of walks. This breed’s love of company means that you should always try and get involved with play and exercise, enabling him to combine his physical activity with company. Simple games such as Frisbee and fetch will delight the Golden Retriever.

Diet and Nutrition

A Golden Retriever is a very active and energetic dog, and so it is vital that his diet and balanced and nutrient-rich to provide him with the energy he needs. A combined diet of meat and dry biscuits is suitable for this breed, and as with other breeds he will always need easy access to fresh water. 

Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of the Golden Retriever is ten to twelve years, although this is also dependant on the individual dog’s health and general well-being, which can be improved through good diet, plenty of exercise and a good lifestyle.

Grooming Requirements

The Golden Retriever can shed a fair bit, so you will need to ensure that you groom him at least once a week with a bristle brush. Use firm strokes on order to keep the coat clean and healthy, and bath occasionally if necessary. On a weekly basis you can use one of the variety of dry dog shampoos available on the market.


The Golden Retriever originates from the British Isles, and is thought to be a cross between a Tweed Water Spaniel and a Yellow Retriever. The breed was popularly used for hunting, tracking and retrieving, and quickly gained a reputation for its suitability and excellence as a companion. Even today, this breed is extremely popular as a family dog, and is also used in a variety if services, such as guide dogs and trackers. The breed was first registered by the American Kennel Club in 1925.

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