It's time for the Secrets to Dog Training 6 Day Course curtain call - all that fun has officially come to and end (the bad news), but I wanted to let you know that as a subscriber you're still entitled to receive our weekly newsletter series for as long as you'd like (the good news). You don't have to do anything more to keep getting great tips on dog training and real case studies that we share. If you don't want to receive our free newsletter, you can always unsubscribe. Otherwise, keep an eye out for it next week.

I also wanted to remind you that you can still take advantage of our Special Offer for subscribers to the Secrets to Dog Training 6 Day Course.

If you purchase *Secrets to Dog Training: Dog Training to Stop Your Dog's Behavior Problems* today you're not only getting the Personal Email Consultation included in the package, you're also getting John Stanley's *175 Gourmet Recipes for Your Dog* (a $19.95 value) as a Bonus Book at no additional cost.

It's still just one link away:


In *175 Gourmet Recipes for Your Dog,* Stanley offers an impressive scroll of recipes that are guaranteed to get the drool flowing and spoil your dog for life. Starting with the all important list of what NOT to feed your dog, the handbook includes an incredible menu that will teach your dog the real meaning of 'variety' when mealtime comes around.

With nearly 200 pages full of everything from "Down-Home Hound Hashbrowns" for the dog who loves breakfast to "Little Lassie Livers" for puppies, you're bound to hit on your dog's favorite dish - and have loads of fun trying... There's even a section on international cuisine for your pooch...

But that's really just the icing on the Kingdom of Pets cake. Our flagship product, Secrets to Dog Training is one of the top selling dog obedience guides on the market, bringing you clear and detailed answers to all of the most frustrating dog behavior problems.

If you’re tired your dog being over-aggressive, misbehaving off-leash or pulling you around when on-leash; if you've got a dog with house training issues, bad habits of barking or whining, or perhaps one with a genuine case of separation anxiety, then it's time to get some help from a team of professionals who are not only dog experts, but also dog lovers… that's us.


Here's a small sample of what you’ll learn with the classic Secrets to Dog Training dog training book:

* Your dog may not know why you are trying to correct him. Learn how to make him understand. End your frustration and increase the speed of your dog's learning (pages 37-40, 48-60).

*All the insider tips of professional dog trainers revealed, and best of all demonstrated in a way that is easy for YOU to apply (chapters: DOG 103, 201, and 301).

* Need to stop your dog from picking fights with other dogs? Learn the best ways to break up dog fights and prevent them from ever happening again (pages 84-86).

* Want to know how to curb your dog’s aggressiveness? Learn six powerful strategies for training aggressive dogs (pages 60-71).

* Does your dog require urgent House Training? Learn the house training techniques that get the fastest results, whether you keep your dog indoors or outdoors (see DOG 103, 203, 302 and the House Training Bonus book).

* Sick of having your dog Bolt out the front door? We've got the cure for bolters (page 116).

* Got a dominant dog? We teach you how to deal with dominance, and how to establish your rightful position in the "pack" (chapters DOG 201, 202, plus the Alpha Dog Bonus book).

* Separation anxiety getting you both down? Find out about the best ways to make it go away (pages 151-55).

* Hate having your dog Jump up on you? Learn simple techniques to get this issue under control once and for all (pages 148-152).

* Neighbors getting annoyed with your pet's constant Barking? Maybe he doesn’t bark enough? Apply these advanced techniques so that your dog knows when and where it’s appropriate to bark (pages 56, 86-89).

* Once you learn all of the above, you can look forward to a dramatic transformation in your dog’s behavior!

There's more good stuff:

* Dog Whispering is a new and incredibly effective training technique that has attracted quite a lot of attention and a lot of hype in recent years. We'll give you the real deal on dog whispering in this NEWLY EXPANDED and UPDATED chapter. Discover how to make it work for you and your dog (pages 32 and 120-135).

* What to do and look out for when there is more than one dog in the house (page 137-39). Use my "Top Dog" Maintenance Program to keep the peace! Or having problems with the family cat being harassed? Learn an easy method to let your cat and dog live in harmony (page 142).

* Want to stop your dog eating poop? Vets call it coprophagia. But everyone calls it disgusting. We have the best ways to stop it (pages 72-74).

* Having trouble with your dog pulling on the leash? Find out how to stop this behavior in no time with my sure-fire techniques that will avoid that ever-frustrating tug-of-war (pages 82-83, page 109).

* Biting, nipping and mouthing problems can be embarrassing at best, and downright dangerous at worst. You'll get on top of on these persistent bad habits with my super-effective techniques (pages 68-72).

* Discover how to Effectively Teach your Dog Commands. It's true that once you know how to effectively teach one command, you know how to teach any command. We cover all the commands you need, and some of the ones that just make life with a dog more fun (see chapters DOG 203 for Basic Commands and DOG 301 and 303 for Advanced Commands).

* Things to consider when exercising (page 32) or leaving your dog in the heat (page 146). Has your dog got sickness problems? We teach you all you need to know about many illness concerns, including everything from stomach gas problems (page 145) to fleas (page 145). It's all there.

* Don't forget about the haul of Bonus Books you'll receive as part of the Secrets to Dog Training training guide: "A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression," "All the House Training Methods & Tricks," "Dog Grooming Made Easy," and "Tips On Security Training Your Dog." That's enough to keep you and your dog busy!

Simply stated, Secrets to Dog Training makes sure you get things right the first time through and makes sure you and your dog have fun in the process.

After all, you don't need a dog obedience training plan where you do the same exact thing each week. This is not the most effective way of training your dog and you'll find him tuning you out in a hurry - especially if he's decided you're doing nothing more than barking at him!!

Look, if you…

- want your dog to obey you wherever you go,
- are experiencing any dog behavior problem that needs immediate attention,
- have spent time and money on professional dog trainers but have had limited results,

…then it's time to give our professionals a try.

And, if you're more interested in our multi-media products, we've got that covered too.

Anyone can upgrade to our *Secrets to Dog Training Premium* package, which includes these things:

The Secrets to Dog Training book and the Bonus Books, with the Personal Email Consultation...

Plus these things:

Our entire range of dog training videos (Kingdom of Pets 6 set Dog Training DVD Series and Secrets to Dog Training DVD with Dave Johnson); and Secrets to Dog Training On-the-Go (the whole Secrets to Dog Training book on Audio).

With Secrets to Dog Training you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose, literally...

If you aren't 100 percent satisfied, you won't pay a penny. With our Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee, all the risk lies with Kingdom of Pets.

I can't think of much else I can do to convince you if you're still on the fence.


Well, there might be one more thing...

I can sing you a song, a song about dogs. You can join in too. Just sing along to the tune of Pete Seeger's "To Everything There Is a Season," better known as the "Turn Turn Turn song." Ready?

To every dog (turn, turn, turn)
There is a reason (turn, turn, turn)
And a time for sniffing, under tails

A time to bark, a time to whine
A time to dig, a time to… dig more
A time to chase, a time to heel
A time to steal your lunch off the table

To every dog (turn, turn, turn)
There is a reason (turn, turn, turn)
And a time for sniffing, under tails

A time to lick, a time to drool,
A time to not kill, the neighbor's cat

A time to cast away tennis balls,
A time to have that ball brought back to you,

A time for treats, I swear it's not too late…

Thank you. Thank you very much. You've been a great audience.

Yours sincerely,


Daniel Stevens
Secrets to Dog Training

Hi, my name’s Daniel Stevens, I’m the creator of Secrets to Dog Training.

I've been a professional dog trainer for well over 20 years, and in that time I've helped thousands of dog owners just like you to get the friendly, well behaved, slipper fetching, best pal they always wanted.

But it didn't start out that way. I've always loved dogs, some things never change. But when I first started my professional dog training career I relied on the so-called 'best practices' when it came to dog behavior training. It was only when I heard people tell me over and over again that they just weren't seeing results that I started to question the old accepted wisdom. So I started a journey, a quest to search out the best, most effective, techniques, tips, and tricks that really work.

And that's how I came up with Secrets to Dog Training. Year after year I found new techniques that achieved the results I wanted. Eventually I had a whole book worth of great resources: Secrets to Dog training...

So, if you want to:

  • TRAIN your dog effectively
  • CARE for your dog the way they deserve
  • UNDERSTAND just why your dog behaves the way they do
  • NURTURE a life-long relationship with your dog that you'll cherish

Then Secrets to Dog Training is just what you've been looking for!

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