Cara McLean

Cambridge, UK

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Dear Daniel, Your book was a lifesaver! Our 2 year old black German Shepherd, Jack, came to us from a woman who was not able to cope with him herself. When he came to us at the beginning of the year he was a total handful. He was boisterous, aggressive, skittish and unresponsive – outside the home. At home he was still boisterous and a bit aggressive but would sit or come every time.
Our White GSD Charlie was diagnosed with cancer literally 3 weeks after we agreed to take Jack and had been moping since his spleen was removed but he perked up with some young competition so we were feeling good about having them together…until we took them for walks.
We almost never put Charlie on his lead – we just never need to. Jack however couldn’t be let off his lead. He would drag me along behind him and strain against me to get to other dogs or cats or people that he could see and would panic once the door was open – struggling to get out and then trying to run off. It was distressing to say the least.
Jack was born and grew up in the one village so we have gleaned a lot of information from fellow dog walkers who recognised him and have seen our progress with him. We know the woman who gave him up to us loved him but couldn’t cope with him and a toddler so we think he just stopped getting walked. He was such a nightmare we can understand why.
In the first month we were at our wits endand when I bought the Secrets to Dog Training books online we were a week from giving him up ourselves. We had the dominance training sorted from day one because we were aware that was going to be an issue otherwise but Jack had serious behavioral issues around food and walks that needed a lot of work.
In the months since we got and read the books he has become a different dog! Everyone says so. We have recently been told people suggest us to friends in the area who have dog trouble and we have helped socialise several problem pups with Jack (because its good for him as much as them) all thanks to Daniel and his book giving us that extra knowledge that has really rounded out our own understanding.
I recommend it ad nauseum!Jack still pulls on the lead he has good days and bad days but we are working on it (to be honest Charlie – our dream dog – has never been good on leads either). Jack now looks us in the eyes, can be walked off lead. Sits, Stays, Fetches, leaves – he is a great play mate. He sits and waits so quietly for his dinner we have honestly forgotten he is still waiting once or twice and he has come to remind us 5 minutes later!
He doesn’t immediately run out if the front door is open and will happily sit outside with us if we are cleaning cars or talking out the front without dashing off. We have taken him from the most difficult, messed up dog – almost deliberately awful – to a great member of our family.He is fun. He is funny. He is a joy and we wouldn’t give him up for anything! And we wouldn’t have gotten this far without the wonderful hints, tips and explanations from Daniel in his online books. The best buy ever!! Bar none!
My other half is very good with dogs and even he was confounded by Jack but having the advice to hand in Secrets to Dog Training just turned it all around. We honestly have had dozens of comments on how good Jack has become. No joke!
Cheers Daniel – I really appreciate all your good work has done for us!

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