Lyne Lavoie


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Hi, I am happy to be part of your customers and I want to thank you for your advice, I have a five year old Pomeranian, of course she is not a puppy anymore, but she have to learn a lot, I tried to call her before whenever she is in the house and she was just looking at me, let me tell you she is very intelligent, but I did not know how to teach her what I want, of course my commands are in French, but since I used your technique I saw quite a change, today I told my husband, have a look outside I'm going out with Leesa and see the progress.
I called her she was quite a way from me, she came in running and when she was closed to me I told sit assis in French, she answered right away, and I did the same exercise twice and she responds the same way. Can you imagine how proud I was, furthermore I want another dog this time I choose a Yorkshire, let me tell you that I'm anxious to use my book Secrets to Dog Training to learn more and more about dogs. My husband and I have enough LOVE for two dogs, as long as they are well dressed. The picture was taken by a professional but I took a picture of it to send to you. Thank you.

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