Rocky And Family Toves


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My dog Harley is a beagle, he is 5 months old, very active, aggressive and curious. Harley and I have been working the lessons from your book for at least three months now. We are very pleased about the results. I must say you cover everything that puppy gets into. The funny thing is when I see him behaving in a wrong manner I run to your book, look it up then apply the technique that pertains to the behavior, consistently and everyday until the results are automatic.
Harley (My beagle) is doing well now as a result of your wonderful step by step instructional book he is for the most part house trained, no longer digs, he sits, stays, heels and I understand his behavior much better. Harley and my families relationship is getting much stronger because we are all consistent with the same commands and your book guides us to understanding Harleys habits and reasons. Thank you Mr. Stevens for making the book simple, easy to understand and internet available.

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