Antonio Gull

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Bello is the first dog I have had, so there was much I didn't know about dogs. Bello is a very smart and friendly dog, but as he started growing up (he is 18 months old now), he developed this quite idiosyncratic characteristic of taking matters into his own paws, so to speak. More specifically, he barks at and tries to scare other male dogs or some strangers he considers dangerous, although he's told not to.
On one such occasion, I almost lost hold of the leash, and he seemed to be close to attacking a male poodle. That's when I decided to look for help. I searched the web for books about dogs, and Secrets to Dog Training caught my eye. I'm very happy I purchased and read it. I realized that the problem lay with me. I knew nothing about the importance of conveying to him that I was the alpha dog. For example, I was completely unaware that I had to go through doorways first; instead, I always let him go first. This is but one of the useful tips I got from Secrets to Dog Training, and they have all helped me greatly in the past two months to establish a better and healthier relationship with Bello. I only wish I had gotten the book when Bello came to live with me 16 months ago.

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