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Hi Daniel, My dog Holly was not a young girl - we have been together for over 12 years so she was rather past her prime when I purchased Secrets to Dog Training - The Ultimate Guide to raining Your Dog, but I still found it a fascinating read with lots of useful information for both new dog owners and an old lag like myself. The section on dog whispering was especially useful to us as she responded really well to this method. We didn't do much - but we had a lot of fun putting your methods into practice and I learnt heaps.
Sadly Holly has now passed on and at the moment I don't have a dog - but I plan to put your book into practice when I feel ready to share my life with another canine friend.
I can honestly recommend your book to anyone contemplating getting a dog. It contains lots of basic advice - essential for the beginner - as well as more advanced material for the experienced dog owner. I have read all sorts of books on dog keeping and training over the 40 odd years I have been keeping German Shepherds but none have been as sensible, useful or comprehensive as Secrets to Dog Training.
If you want to use our photo on your website please feel free to do so. All the best.

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