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Hi Daniel, I am actually using your expert advice this week. A while ago I wrote in that my mother's dog, a four year old brown lab named Molly, was coming to stay with us for a week. My husband and I have a 1-year old beagle named Bernie. Bernie is very playful. And Molly is receptive at first but after a little while, she tires of Bernie and her constant source of energy. Molly is very much Let's rest a while and Bernie is Play with me! Look at me! Why aren't you playing or looking at me! When it gets to be too much, Molly tries to show her dominance in creative ways.
I feared that I would have to keep them apart the entire week Molly was visiting. So I wrote to your site and was advised that by already treating Molly like the dominant dog (even though it was Bernie's house) Molly wouldn't have to take matters into her own paws. By greeting Molly first and feeding her first, both dogs would get the hint. And it's been working!
Bernie still loves to play but thanks to your techniques, my husband and I have been able to give Molly some relief and keep her from acting out too aggressively when she has had enough of our Bernie. Now Bernie and Molly can pal around without much trouble. Attached is our picture with Bernie. I can send one of Bernie and Molly if you'd like. Thanks and best wishes.

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