Jane Gordon


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Hello, I began this new adventure in dog training due to my deep love for homeless kids and dogs, whom I believe yearn a childhood full of love and care and fantasy no matter they have lived a crueler and harder life than any of us will ever know. My dream is to bring both together under one roof and I'm sure I have taken the correct path in investing my money in dog training courses such as Secrets to Dog Training. I want to be the last last opportunity for many and the first for some in this country where animals are still not treated with respect nor are the kids known as disposables. One day I will be able to raise the funds I need since I believe in the human species and definitively God is with me.
I live at the moment in Colombia, South America. I am an extremely happily married person, mother of 3 kids, and 7 dogs, for now, (schnauzer (4 yr old), golden retriever (2 yr old), 2 German shepherds (4 yr old and a 6 month old), Rhodesian ridgeback (4 month old) and 2 crossbreeds - between the German shepherd and the golden retriever. I am 39 years old, I caught leichmaniasis in Africa 22 yrs ago when I fell in a puddle of stagnate water while participating in an ostrich race and its side effects are still an every day reminder that nature takes and gives but provides the cure if you let it. When my pain seems unbearable and I curl up in a ball, my dogs manage through their vigorous licking and persistence to make me accept their offer, I uncurl and let them in my arms. How can I deny them the best training methods offered?? I still have a long way to go to recover my health and sleep, but yet its a wonderful life this, so much to do, so much to see, so much to learn, so many people to help, so many creatures to save. I love spending time with these street wise kids with more painful experiences than I. They will sit with me for hours under the shadow of a tree while holding their box of cigarettes and sweets, effective labor force at low cost, and and a bottle of glue in the other, listening to my tales of historic events and stories about my dogs while patting the lucky one whose turn it was to hop up in the back of the car and come with me.
I want my dogs to be lovable no matter who touches them, to obey without the use of violence so we can open doors together and prove that they can help these kids find a place away from drugs and violence. Thank you for being a great stepping stone towards my dreams and the dreams of many others.

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