Susan Cohen and Kali

Florida, USA

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Kali is a sheltie mix adopted from animal control. She is about a year old. We had Kali for two months when I started looking on the internet for different books on dog training. One of Kali's problems WAS she would have accidents in the house near the litterbox. We had no idea how to stop her. She was let out in the backyard often but would still have an accident. I then found the Secrets to Dog Training website. I decided to give Secrets to Dog Training a try. It was a lot less then calling a private trainer
To my surprise there was something in the book that was very easy to try. I did and it broke Kali's habit of having accidents in the house immediately. Once you buy the book you can even e-mail Secrets to Dog Training with a question which I did. I had an issue with my four cats and dog. They answered my e-mail quickly and gave me suggestions which have helped. I would recommend Secrets to Dog Training to anyone looking for dog training information. It is well worth the money. Thank you.

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