Ben Richmond

Florida USA

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I am really glad that I found your book on line. I have a two year old Lab mix named Buddy. I drove to Indiana to pick him up from my Sister. Someone had abandoned him. He has a great disposition does great around kids and other dogs. But the trip back to Florida was a real challenge. Buddy doesn't seem to like to ride in cars very much. I would imagine some type of bad experience at one time. So it was quite a struggle to get him into the car. The whole ride back was always a struggle. But sometimes a treat would help other times I had to wrestle with him to get him in the car. After I got home and found your book on line it was a real lifesaver. I finally got Buddy to finally respond to the treats and he finally would take short ride.
I was very pleased after I had E-mailed your staff on this problem which I got some great advice on. Also your points while having the dog on a leash had some good advice. I try to talk a softer tone and don't yank on the leash as hard anymore and get better results. The chapter on Dog Whispering I find real interesting. But since I have read into your book which pretty well covers everything you need to know. It has been a real big help to me.
All the other books on grooming ,and security also were very interesting to read about. I believe your book pretty well covers about everything you would need to know from puppies all the way up to adult dog. Thank You.

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