The Christensen Family

Utah, USA

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We got our dog Bazil a two year old English terrior from the pound about four months ago. Needless to say we had a lot of behavior changes to make. When we got him, he came right in the house and started marking HIS terrioritory all over, and even went in his sleeping area. That was very discouraging! He ran all over the house, jumped on everyone, would run and run and run if he did get off his lease or out of the yard, absolutely would not come if we called him, would jump on the furniture if no-one was looking and try his best to get what ever he could off the kitchen counter.
So desperate as we were we bought the book Secrets to Dog Training. The books I got the most out of was Alpha dog, that we did everything it said and continue to do some of and House Training. We have not worked on consistently alot of the things in all of the books because our priority was to house train him and to let him know whose house he was living in. He has a hard time telling us when he needs to go outside because he got in the habit of one of us always taking him out in the month and a half that he spent tethered to someone to house train him, but he has had few accidents which is in my opinion a great improvement to the first week here and given that he was a totally neglected dog to begin with.
He no longer tries to jump on furniture, but does love the garbage and make attempts to get what he can off the counter. He still has a hard time coming when called but we're sure with time, new name change and more training on our part he will eventually get that down.
We're so grateful for the insight in the books and probably would not have our wonderfully fun dog Bazil had we not got the book, because never having had a dog before, we were ready to give up the first couple days. The Book saved us and Bazil too. Thank You.

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