Neil and Marion Upritchard


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Dear Daniel.
We got Henry through the Cocker Spaniel club of Great Britain through their rescue centre, that looks after our part of the country. He was a 2 and a half year old Golden Cocker Spaniel male that had been neutered by his previous owners, who were looking to have him rehoused as he allegedly had snapped at one of their young children. He is a smashing dog, but came with minor faults such as jumping up at everybody, pulling on the lead, barking at friends and strangers particularly if they happen to be wearing black clothing.
Having very little training in dog handling and understanding dog behaviour we purchased your book, with the sole aim of trying to understand why Henry behaved in the way that he did. Taking one issue at a time and with the tremendous help from the book, we have converted Henry from the lovable dog with his little faults to an extremely well behaved and social dog that everybody loves. As you can see from the photograph he just like to be in peoples company and will get involved in all sorts including the gardening. We have now loaned your book to friends who need a little help, so keep up the good work.

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