Charlie, Casey and Sasha

United Kingdom

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We bought your books to help us get to grips with our 4 year old German Shepherd Casey that we rescued. He was in a bad state and had some reasonably severe behavioural problems including continual pulling on the lead and more worryingly attacking other dogs. We had been battling Casey for a few months and had 'invested' hundreds of pounds in many training aids, none of which were making any difference.
Very quickly and for a lot less money we read your book and the theory started to make sense. We worked with him rather than against and assumed the position of alpha dog; things got easier and easier. He is now a joy to have around and is definitely enjoying his life a lot more, so much so that we have taken the leap and got another rescued German Shepherd for him to have some company. This time round we are armed with the right tools and life is a lot simpler. See what looks like any normal dog picture but to us is a minor miracle with Casey (on the left) and Sasha (on the right) in perfect harmony. Thanks again.

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