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"Hi There, just to let you know how grateful I am for finding your website and ordering the book. After spending hundreds of dollars, having my gut in perpetual knots for years, and feeling as if my best intentions were no good, I am so relieved to report to everyone that I now have a programme that works, and know my beloved Jack Russell has a future he can safely live. I am still struggling with him, and have to take him away next month on a trip because I can't trust him with my new neighbors, but I think by Christmas time my anxiety will be in the past. And thanks to what? Your clear, down to earth, logical explanation about the Alpha Dog concepts in who is boss. Not to mention my change from being rough to gentle whispering."

-- Lori Morina, (Baker Lake, NU, USA)

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Hi Dan,

I have a half Australian Shepherd half Border collie dog that is about 4 yrs. old now. (Her name is Tammy) We also have 2 little wiener dogs, Zoë and Monty. For some reason Tammy hates Zoë (the youngest one). A couple years ago, Tammy attacked Zoë for the first time. We thought that it was just a fluke, separated them and went about life as usual. Well it happened again, Tammy got out of her pen in the backyard when Zoë was outside and attacked her again.

When she does it, it’s like she’s going for the kill. It's so weird because she is the sweetest best natured dog around kids and other people, just for some reason she can't stand other dogs. She actually attacked another dog of ours also. We just have no idea what to do about it. We can't let her be any where around our other dogs. We hate to put her down because she's such a sweetheart and we've had her for almost 5 years so if you have any ideas that would be much appreciated.



Secrets to Dog Training Reply:

Hi Trisha,

Thank you for your email. At the age of five years this is quite a problem, as what I would usually suggest with a younger dog the remedy is lots and lots of exposure to other dogs, but this may just upset her too much.

What you could do is have her fitted with a muzzle, and then it would be much safer to mix her with other dogs. But like I said there is a good chance that at her age it may not really change her attitude. Still I think it will be worthwhile for you to try it.

If she still looks like she wants to attack your other dogs, even with a muzzle on, try throwing a big heavy blanket over her or saturating her with the garden hose or a bucket of water.

The idea behind this is that these are the things you would do to safely stop a dog fight, but I think it may be a good way of preventing one too. Perhaps if all goes well it may put her off wanting to rush in and attack the other dogs.

I am surprised that you have not allowed them to get used to each other before. Desensitization and perseverance is often the only thing which really works in these cases

Kingdom of Pets dog trainers, Brain Heward and Susan Morton, deal with this specific problem in the section titled Multiple Dog Aggression in Dog Aggression Part 1 of the Dog Obedience Training: The DVD Series. This may be something you should considered watching sooner rather that later. You don't want this problem to escalate any further. This is a serious problem and should be address immediately.

To find out more about what steps should be take and training methods be used to deal with this and other dog behavioral problems Click Here. So much is covered in this amazing Dog Obedience Training DVD Series 5 pack I sure you will find other areas it covers useful as well.

I hope this is helpful for you, if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to write me again I hope this is helpful for you.

Kind regards,


Daniel Stevens and the Secrets to Dog Training Team

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