Beagle Dog Breed

Dog Group: Hound Group

Class: Hound


Beagle Dog Breed

The beagle is a sturdy little hound dog, with a soft and intelligent expression and a short, sleek coat. This breed is generally black and white with orange, red or yellow. It has intelligent brown eyes and soft pendant ears, and the coat is very straight and smooth.

The beagle has a square set muzzle and jaw, with quite a broad nose, and quite a handsome face.


This breed has a warm, friendly disposition, and is both a loyal and brave dog. Beagles are lively, playful and curious, which combined with their pleasant personalities makes them excellent family pets – both entertaining and loving. They love company and affection, are very good with children and get on well with other dogs. If socialized early on, they can also get on well with other household pets. This breed has a very independent and determined streak, so they may not always be easy to train.

Height and Weight

The height of grown beagles averages around 13-16 inches, and the weight can reach approximately 22-25 pounds for males and 20-23 pounds for females.

Common Health and Behavioral Problems

Beagles are at risk from congenital heart disease and obesity, so diet should be monitored very carefully as should exercise and activity. Other potential risks include spinal defects, skin problems and epilepsy.

Ideal Living Conditions

The beagle is an energetic and lively dog, with a curious and excitable personality. Although this breed can be suited to apartments, regular exercise is essential, and the beagle will always be more at home if he has access to a garden for outside activity, play and exercise. Gardens should be fenced off, as otherwise the beagle’s curiosity and sense of smell may tempt him to wander off.

Exercise Requirements

The beagle will required regular exercise, and enjoys going for walks. He should always be on a leash when being taken out on a walk, as this breed has a tendency to wander if given the chance. A fenced garden provides the perfect environment for the beagle to enjoy some healthy activity and fresh air.

Diet and Nutrition

Beagles are energetic dogs with big appetites. However, they also have a tendency to become obese, so food needs to be monitored carefully. The breed requires a balanced and nutritious diet, and if used for hunting will require plenty of carbohydrate for energy. Dry food twice daily is recommended for most beagles to avoid obesity and keep them healthy. As with all breeds, fresh, clean water at all times is essential.

Life Expectancy

The typical life expectancy of beagles is twelve to fifteen years, subject to good health and suitable, healthy lifestyle.

Grooming Requirements

Maintenance of the beagle’s coat is fairly simple as it is straight, sleek and smooth. You should only bathe when really necessary, and the coat can be maintained through regular brushing with a firm bristle brush and the occasional dry shampoo. Grooming time is the ideal time to check the ears and skin for any signs of infection or problems.


The beagle originates from England, and was a popular hunting dog often used as part of a pack to hunt out hares. These dogs were very popular in England, and its excellent sense of smell made it a firm favorite with hunting parties. The breed also enjoyed huge popularity in the United States , where in the 1950s it was the most popular breed in the country. These days, the beagle is a loving and popular family dog, but sadly is also a bred often used in medical experimentation. The breed was first registered by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

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