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Please help!

I have a problem with ubiquitous chewing gum on our Rottweiler’s coat. Friends of our boy (or my wife’s nieces when they visited) have been chewing gum and throwing it on the paved area in front of our house. "Ron" has been rolling on the ground and has got it on his shoulder and more seriously, on the side of his face about an inch from his eye. Ordinary dog shampoo won’t touch it, his coat is short haired so I can’t cut it off, and I have also tried rubbing alcohol. No success!

I definitely don’t want to try petrol or paraffin near his eye so please can you recommend something which I can use to remove/breakdown the gum – which might be available at a hardware store or "local" corner shop.

We are in East Indonesia so our choice of materials/available ordinary chemicals is not like it would be in a "civilized" metropolis.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks and Regards,


Secrets to Dog Training Reply:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your email. It seems that you have tried a couple of things to remove the gum in Ron's coat with little success. Fortunately I have another couple of suggestions.

You could try freezing the gum with ice cubes. This will cause the gum to harden, and when that happens, you can break or lift the gum off.

Or you could try using Peanut Butter (full fat version) or salad oil to remove the gum.This is a much safer option than using a chemical substance, because it’s likely your dog will lick himself afterwards! Work the peanut butter or oil thoroughly into the gum using your fingers to soften it. Then, shampoo your dog, and if there is still some gum left in his coat, repeat the process.

Good luck Paul!

Kind regards,

Daniel Stevens and the Secrets to Dog Training Team

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