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Secrets to Dog Training Testimonials

Testiminial"Hello Daniel: I purchased a one pound, 5 month, old valley bull last Oct. and name her {Sophie} being a young pup, all of the training to accomplish. Not knowing any thing about the procedure I turned to Sit, Stay and Fetch which is simply wonderful, step by step. This information was exactly what I was searching for. Thanks so much,for the training tips and how to over come the behaviour problems. When understanding that you be come the alpha dog make it more manageable. Sophie's class are progressing well. I would encourage any one to purchase Sit, Stay and Fetch book."

-- Roberta Purcell and Sophie. (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Secrets to Dog Training: Consultation

Dear Daniel,

This is not really a behavioral problem as I have used your manual and now have a beautiful and very well behaved dog which is necessary as she is a big dog.

My only dilemma is as follows. My Beauceron is 2 and half years old I have not had her spayed yet as she is a rare breed and we might breed from her, but she is having phantom pregnancies and this is quite distressing.

Should we have her spayed without having puppies, the only drawback to this is her mother had ten I don’t know if I could cope with that. Have you any thoughts on this subject.



Secrets to Dog Training Reply:

Hi there Loretta,

Thank you for your email regarding your two and a half year old Beauceron and her phantom pregnancies.

A false pregnancy or pseudo-pregnancy is a normal course of events for a female dog that has had a season and who is not pregnant. This phenomenon occurs because part of the ovary continues to produce Progesterone which is the Pregnancy Hormone whether the dog is pregnant or not. This part of the ovary eventually degenerates at about 49 days if the dog is not pregnant. Progesterone production then ceases which is why a false pregnancy usually resolves itself after the seventh week post oestrus.

The effects of this on different dogs varies widely but the principles and hormonal influences from which such behaviors stem remains constant.

Repeated false pregnancies, despite the degree to which the dog "acts out" these events, do not predispose the dog to increased risks of Pyometra.

The Female Dog May :

  • develop mammary tissue
  • produce milk (good indication that the pregnancy is false if there is milk present 49 days post oestrus)
  • nest
  • go into labor and pass small amounts of fluid
  • adopt and mother toys
  • mourn for her "lost babies"
  • become aggressive toward intruders

The degree to which the dog "acts out" the above depends on her individual personality and disposition rather than a fluctuation in hormonal events. Whilst it is sad for the dog, it does not warrant radical treatment as the condition is fairly short lived.

This condition does not get any better with age or improve if the dog has had a litter of puppies. In your case it is unfortunate that your dog "acts out" the pregnancy a lot more than most dogs and the only way to resolve this completely is to spay her.

If spaying is carried out while the dog is showing signs of pseudo pregnancy or alternatively has been receiving hormone treatment, the signs will often persist for several weeks despite the fact that she has been spayed.

Other ways of controlling this are hormone treatment and steroids however none are as effective as spaying.

I hope this helps.

Best of luck.

Kind regards,

Daniel Stevens and the Secrets to Dog Training Team

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