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Testimonial"Attached please find my lovely 7-month old chocolate lab named Monalisa, Mona for short. With the help of your books, a healthy diet, and newly found friends at a nearby (unofficial) dog park, Mona and I are having a wonder first year together. Knowing what to expect before you get a new pet is the best way to start a relationship. With the help of your books, our first year has not gone perfectly, but I have been able to find solutions to issues as well as prevent problems before they occur. Thanks for all your help."

--Denise Arrighi (Rhode Island, USA)

Secrets to Dog Training: Consultation

Dear Daniel and Secrets to Dog Training

Thank you so very much for each and every edition of the Newsletter you send me. I get a lot of information out of your articles.

I am hoping that you can refer me to an article that can help me and my Chow. 

Friday, my husband found our 7 month old new puppy (German Shepherd mix) dead in our yard. We have a 2.5 old German Shepherd/Chow Chow and we had just got this new dog about 4 months ago. It was from someone that we could see abused this dog.

After a lot of training, fixing, and love we could see that Stella was finally getting a long with every one. And whether our Chow was going to love her or not, she made him love her. She was great and very loveable and very easy going. But she was very insecure because of how someone else had treated her. Stella really helped my Chow to mind and be a little more aware of others. In fact, in training Stella, Simba would do all of the commands first.

Now my Chow looks very sad. Although we spent this weekend trying to be a family of 3 again, I could see he misses her. The most important concern is that he will not eat. So is there a book or article that I can read to give me more insight.



Secrets to Dog Training Reply:

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for your email. I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your German mix puppy. It's never easy to lose a pet. However, you should be very proud of the amount of progress you made with her in the short time she was in your home. 

Not everyone believes that dogs actually grieve for the loss of canine family members, but instead show anxiety at the change in social structure. However, I am sure that you would disagree with that theory (as would many people). Confusion over the order of the pack may come into play somewhat, but it sounds as though Simba was actually very fond of Stella, and therefore not having her company must be confusing and upsetting for him.

I think one of the more important things you can do is try to establish a daily routine so that things return to normal as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to begin daily obedience lessons with Simba so that any progress he made with Stella’s influence is maintained. Training sessions are a great way for you to spend time with Simba to help strengthen your bond. Plus lessons with help use up some of Simba’s energy, and will therefore help keep his mind off his recent loss. Try to keep these sessions fun, and remain happy and encouraging. 

I also recommend that you treat Simba and yourselves to some fun outings such as nice walks, or drive in the car. Even a visit to some friends will help both you and Simba through the grieving process. Stella’s company would have helped keep him entertained, and things may be a little quiet and dull for him without her.

As for his eating, I recommend that you keep trying to encourage him to eat his meals. Praise him when he is eating, and include small portions of his favorite foods mixed with his usual meal to entice him. A physically healthy dog will not let himself starve, so try not to worry too much. If he is not as active without Sheba then its possible he just doesn't require as much food. 

The best thing for Simba at the moment is some time. Dogs tend to bounce back from these sorts of situations reasonably quickly, so hopefully in a couple of weeks Simba will be back to normal. He may even begin to enjoy having you all to himself again!

Once again, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I hope that helping Simba will be therapeutic for you, and I wish you all the best.

Please let me know how things progress.

Kind regards,

Daniel Stevens and the Secrets to Dog Training Team

"Secrets to Dog Training - STOP Dog Behavior Problems!"

Submission Type: Consultation Reply

Sandy Martin and SimbaThank you. Thank you so very much. I love Secrets to Dog Training. You are so very right. Simba has begun to bounce back and I had forgotten about how playful he was before Stella. He is now playing more and having a normal life again. We do have our regular daily walks, and lessons and he loves the attention. I think we will be ok now.

I am forever grateful for all of your encouragement. Your friend and continued reader. 

Sandy, Martin and Simba.

Hi, my name’s Daniel Stevens, I’m the creator of Secrets to Dog Training.

I've been a professional dog trainer for well over 20 years, and in that time I've helped thousands of dog owners just like you to get the friendly, well behaved, slipper fetching, best pal they always wanted.

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